“Ukrposhta” issues a new stamp for Children’s Day. PHOTO

“Ukrposhta” issues a new stamp for Children’s Day.  PHOTO

The national operator “Ukrposhta” has opened pre-orders for the postal block for Children’s Day on June 1. The block includes a new postage stamp, a postcard and an envelope, reports General Director of “Ukrposhta” Ihor Smilyanskyi. According to him, the postal block entitled “Children of Victory paint the Ukraine of the future” “carries a great message” – the future of Ukraine will be only yellow and blue. “Very soon, on June 1, we will celebrate Children’s Day. From 2022, it will take on a completely different meaning for us. Deeper and more significant. I really hope that those children who live in Ukraine today will receive a gift from our ZSU in the form of a calm sky, and maybe ice cream,” Smilyanskyi writes. Read also: “We will not forget! We will not forgive!”: Ukrposhta will issue a new stamp. PHOTO Photo: Ukrposhta Recently, “Ukrposhta” held a contest in which children drew pictures of their future. The postal block entitled “Children of Victory paint the Ukraine of the future” can already be pre-ordered via the link. “Each sketch conveys the voice of little artists who, through their works, broadcast faith in the future and even seem to say that we, adults, need even more optimism. So traditionally, I invite you to place a pre-order for a new postage stamp, postcard and envelope “The First Day”, the shipment of which, unlike the sets, will be made upon the fact of the order,” says the company’s general director. And from June 1, the block will be available for purchase at all branches of “Ukrposhta”, in the online store, eBay and Amazon marketplaces. The brand is charitable – funds will go to support children who have lost their parents. We will remind you that earlier “Ukrposhta” issued new stamps in honor of Europe Day on May 9. Read also: “Warriors of Light”: Ukrposhta will issue a stamp dedicated to critical infrastructure workers

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