Visa and Microsoft joined CBDC in Brazil, Trezor sales increased by 900%: what’s new in the cryptocurrency market

Visa and Microsoft joined CBDC in Brazil, Trezor sales increased by 900%: what’s new in the cryptocurrency market

The main thing in the cryptocurrency market.

Photo: 0 Visa and Microsoft have joined the Brazilian digital currency project

The Central Bank of Brazil published the final list of participants in the CBDC pilot project, which included the payment giant Visa and Microsoft.

The regulator chose from 36 applications submitted by various organizations and consortia. According to the statement of the Central Bank, “more than 100 companies” wanted to participate in the project.

A total of 14 applicants were selected, including: Brazilian banks Santander, Itau Unibanco, BTG Bank, Bradesco, Spanish bank Inter and IT company 7COMm.

Sales of Trezor hardware wallets increased by 900% after the Ledger scandal

The manufacturer of hardware wallets Trezor reported a 900% increase in sales in a week. The surge occurred after the appearance of a competitor Ledger option to restore the seed phrase, which caused a mixed reaction in the community.

“We believe that hardware wallets are cold storage facilities that assume 100% independence. At no stage should they make the passphrase available to anyone except the user,” Trezor head Matei Jacques said.

Ledger’s subscription service Recover for the Nano X model provides the possibility to restore the passphrase from a backup copy. The latter is divided into three encrypted fragments that are kept by third-party custodians. The user gets access to them through confirmation of personal identification.

Part of the community was concerned about device security issues related to the option. Theoretically, the custodians of the fragments can collude and gain access to the wallet. Some users suggested that the Ledger firmware originally provided a backdoor for extracting private keys and that this was not connected with a subscription to Recover.

Register and buy crypto! The Gemini crypto exchange has opened an office in Ireland

As part of its expansion outside the USA, the Gemini crypto exchange opened a second headquarters in Dublin (Ireland). The company received the registration of the local central bank.

At a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country, Leo Varadkar, the founders of the platform, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, said that they chose the jurisdiction because of the reliable regulatory system, the extensive human resources and the formed technological community.

According to the twins, against the background of the adoption of the bill on the comprehensive regulation of the crypto-assets market (MiCA), Europe is in for a “Cambrian explosion of innovations.”

Gulf Binance received digital asset operator licenses in Thailand

Gulf Binance is a joint venture between Binance and Gulf Innova Co., Ltd. (“Gulf”), which was founded as a result of the signing of an agreement to establish a digital asset exchange in Thailand in 2022.

Having received these licenses, Gulf Binance will be able to operate as a digital asset exchange and digital asset broker and plans to launch in Thailand in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The Fahrenheit consortium won the auction to manage the assets of crypto-bankrupt Celsius

Fahrenheit Group became the winner of the tender for asset management of the bankrupt cryptolending platform Celsius Network.

The consortium was formed by venture firms Arrington Capital and Proof Group, mining company US Bitcoin Corp, as well as individual investors Steven Kokinos (ex-head of Algorand) and Ravy Kaz.

The group will create a new public company with Celsius assets, fully owned by the platform’s creditors.

Fahrenheit will distribute among them liquid digital currencies in the amount of approximately $500 million. The created company will take over the management of Celsius’ alternative investments, credit portfolio and mining business.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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