What medicines do you need an e-prescription for? The Ministry of Health explains

What medicines do you need an e-prescription for?  The Ministry of Health explains

The Ministry of Health explained how a paper prescription differs from an electronic one and for which medicines it is needed. This was reported in the Ministry of Health. “An electronic prescription is the same as a paper one, only in your smartphone,” the message reads. At the same time, an electronic prescription, unlike a paper one, excludes any manipulations with obtaining drugs by other persons, the department notes. Photo: megaflop/Depositphotos Also, the e-prescription allows for transparent accounting and control of medicines received by Ukrainians. According to the Ministry of Health, in the spring, an electronic prescription will become mandatory for the prescription of prescription drugs. However, paper recipes will not disappear. “If the doctor will not be able to create an e-prescription (lack of light or communication), he will prescribe you a paper one,” the ministry added. An electronic prescription from a treating or family doctor is required to receive drugs under the “Affordable Medicines” program for free. The program covers the treatment of: cardiovascular diseases; bronchial asthma; type II diabetes; diabetes and insipidus; mental and behavioral disorders; epilepsy etc. An electronic prescription is required to purchase antibiotics. “Using antibiotics without appropriate indications can not only harm a person, but also contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance, as a result of which bacteria mutate and become resistant to treatment,” the Ministry of Health adds. Photo: Ministry of Health An electronic prescription is also required to purchase strictly reportable drugs (narcotic (psychotropic) drugs) and any prescription drugs: anticonvulsants; hormonal drugs (including contraceptives); drugs for the treatment of blood pressure, heart diseases; some common pain relievers, cough relievers or sedatives. We will remind, from August of this year, electronic prescriptions for the purchase of antibiotics will begin to be issued to Ukrainians. Read also: Electronic prescription for narcotics: what changes can patients expect

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