WHO has told which of the doctors are in the greatest danger in Ukraine

WHO has told which of the doctors are in the greatest danger in Ukraine

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According to the World Health Organization, medics who use specialized transport have a three times higher risk of death or injury in Ukraine than other health care workers.

In particular, it is about workers of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine centersas well as people whose work is related to the provision of mobile services and visits to patients.

Such medical workers face three times the risk of being injured, wounded or killed during Russian attacks.

This “an alarming trend” was discovered based on data from the Health Care Attack Surveillance System (SSA), WHO reported to “UP. Life”.

“Many emergency teams come under fire either on the way to the call or at their bases. Already 4 of our employees have died, 12 people have been injured and hospitalized.” – said Halyna Saldan, head of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

Only during the first quarter of 2024, the WHO confirmed 68 attacks on the health care system of Ukraine.

12 of them were directed to emergency medical aid services (almost 20%), including 9 to emergency medical aid base points.

7 of these attacks damaged ambulances and 6 damaged emergency medical equipment.

Three of the 12 attacks ended tragically. 4 medics were wounded, and 2 were killed.

“This is a terrible picture. Medical workers and emergency services are dedicated to helping people in critical situations and must be protected under all circumstances. These attacks threaten their safety and further devastate communities that have been living under constant fire for over 2 years.”— admitted the emergency manager of WHO-Ukraine Emanuele Bruni.

In the first months of 2024, the number of attacks began to increase: in January and March, attacks were recorded almost every day, mostly with the use of heavy weapons.

“These terrible data emphasize the pressure on the Ukrainian health care system. WHO reiterates the call for the protection of medical workers and patients, as well as for the uninterrupted provision of basic medical services.”– said Jarno Habikht, WHO representative in Ukraine.

We will remind you that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the WHO has verified 1,682 Russian attacks on the medical system of Ukraine.

These Russian attacks resulted in at least 128 deaths and 288 injuries to medical personnel and patients.

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