Wife of at. the head of BEB builds a hotel and sells “UZ” diodes at inflated prices – mass media

Wife of  at.  the head of BEB builds a hotel and sells “UZ” diodes at inflated prices – mass media

Wife of at. the director of Eduard Fedorov’s Bureau of Economic Security – Olga Fedorova – is building a hotel at a ski resort in the village of Mygove, Chernivtsi region. The Global Technologies of the Future company, co-owned by Fedorova, sells diodes to repair plants of Ukrzaliznytsia at 1.5-2 times inflated prices.

Source: investigation of “Bihus.Info” publication “Breaking BEB”

Details: “Bihus.Info” journalists established that Olga Fedorova has more than 20 different businesses throughout Ukraine.

Over the past 6 years, the wife of at. the head of the BEB became the founder or co-founder of companies specializing in the trade of fuel, medicine, furniture and fish, engaged in passenger transportation and well drilling, education and technical research, according to the investigation.

Also, as the journalists found out, Fedorova, together with former and current SBU officers, is a co-owner of a wind power plant in the Mykolaiv region and is building a hotel at a ski resort in the village of Mygove, Chernivtsi region. The Fedorov family owns 2 plots of land there.

It is reported that, in particular, 5 plots of land on the territory where the hotel is being built belong to General SBU, former Deputy Head of SBU Oleksandr Karpenko and his family, 2 plots belong to General SBU, former head of the State Security Service of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, ex-head of Donetsk OVA Oleksandr Kuts and his wife, and another 4 plots – to women whose sons serve or have served in the SBU in lower positions.

Journalists established that Karpenko’s wife has already commissioned one of the houses built at the resort, and Fedorova’s wife has registered ownership of 4 more unfinished houses.

More details: “Bihus.Info” journalists also established that the wife of at. director of BEB is a co-owner of “Global Technologies of the Future” LLC.

“Until recently, this company was engaged in video surveillance systems in Donetsk region, where Fedorov himself is from and where he used to serve. Since 2022, “GTM” has drastically changed its profile and started supplying spare parts to the repair plants of “Ukrzaliznytsia” in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Zaporizhzhia (in total, during these one and a half years, the amount transactions exceeded UAH 50 million),” the investigation says.

It is noted that the main product that the “GTM” company supplies to the “UZ” plants is various types of diodes. At the same time, the company is not a manufacturer of spare parts, but only resells them. According to journalists, “GTM” sells diodes with a markup of up to 100%.

The investigators found out that in 2022 the company of the wife of at. heads of BEB supplied UZ plants with DL253-2000-24 UHL2 diodes at a price of UAH 6,973 per piece, while it bought them for UAH 4,970/pc (prices here and below are without VAT).

After the hryvnia exchange rate fell, prices for this type of diodes rose, but the 30% markup remained. The company purchased them at UAH 6,130/piece, and sold them at UAH 9,154/piece.

Diode types DL161-200-12 UHL2 “GTM” were sold to “UZ” factories at UAH 1,641/piece, while buying them at UAH 1,025/piece, the investigation says.

And the largest group of DL161-200-16 UHL2 diodes was supplied by the company for UAH 1,900/piece, while it was purchased for UAH 1,025/piece.

Journalists also established that at the end of 2022, “GTM” began to order services for the manufacture of diodes. For services, she paid from 505 to 620 hryvnias/piece, selling ready-made diodes for 2,000 hryvnias/piece.

Eduard Fedorov did not provide “Bihus.Info” with comments regarding his wife’s business activities.

We will remind: On April 11, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dismissed Vadym Melnyk from his position as the head of the Bureau of Economic Security. Eduard Fedorov, Melnyk’s first deputy, became the temporary acting director of BEB.

Prior to his appointment to the BEB, Fedorov worked as the head of the SBU department in the Sumy region (2022-2023) and the deputy head of the Kyiv Customs Department of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, acting Head of the Kyiv Customs Department (2021-2022).

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