Wildberries employees went on strike over fines and wages

Wildberries employees went on strike over fines and wages

In the Far East, Siberia, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and Moscow, workers of the Wildberries marketplace staged a strike. Dozens of delivery points are closed. Notices were posted on the door stating that the point was closed until the salary was paid.

The employees are protesting because of the new penalty system of the marketplace, according to which now employees of Wildberries delivery points bear collective responsibility if the customer returns a damaged product. The money is going to be withheld from the daily salary. Some employees were charged fines of 100% of their salary. Some employees of the marketplace say that the fine is often ten times higher than the salary. It is impossible to prove that you were not involved in the damage to the goods, Sibir.Realii clarifies.

Fined workers will be forced to work for free until they pay the fine. Managers were forbidden to inform managers about upcoming changes in advance, as this threatens mass absenteeism.

Wildberries management also introduced new fines today – 100,000 rubles for the owners of order points for the distribution of “false or inciting information” and information “that expresses a disrespectful and negative attitude” towards the company, as well as 100,000 rubles for strikers .

In Chita, on March 15, 14 points of delivery of goods did not open. According to Chita.Ru, we are talking only about company offices that belong to the owner of the marketplace, Tatyana Bakalchuk. Franchise reception points will be open.

Reception points in Ulan-Ude have not opened. Offices in the Far East have stopped working. In most cases, employees have hung QR-codes on the door, which can be used to contact technical support. In Vladivostok, some offices are closed, and some are working in cargo sorting mode, without issuing orders.

In Kemerovo, only one of the four delivery points is closed, in Novokuznetsk – the points are working as usual. At the same time, in the chat of employees of the marketplace in Telegram, it is said that some points are closed in other cities of the Kemerovo region.

In Moscow, the owners of the company’s capital delivery points, dissatisfied with the working conditions, gathered at the Wildberries head office. The police also came to the office. After that, representatives of the marketplace agreed to hold an online meeting with the protesters. On it, the Wildberries employee once again talked about the change in functionality and 100% fines for returned goods.

Customers who could not receive their parcels due to the strike are complaining to the police and the prosecutor’s office. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia instructed to investigate reports of violation of the rights of Wildberries employees.

Wildberries representatives have not yet commented on the employee strike.

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