With Javelina and Bayraktar: lemurs in the Kyiv Zoo have returned to the “monkey island”. PHOTO

With Javelina and Bayraktar: lemurs in the Kyiv Zoo have returned to the “monkey island”.  PHOTO

The Kyiv Zoo shared photos of cat lemurs that returned from the closed premises to the “monkey island”, where wary lemurs and capuchins also live. This year, the family of islanders grew to 9 individuals, so the summer house had to be doubled, the zoo’s Facebook page reports. “Following capuchins and wary lemurs, our feline lemurs have returned to their own green oasis on the monkey islands,” say the workers. The “team” of lemurs was supplemented by Javelina and Bayraktar, born last year, and two more rescued lemurs from the affected regions. Residents of the Kyiv Zoo return to their summer enclosures. The feline lemurs have an entire oasis of 250 square meters with sprawling trees, green bushes and grassy lawns at their disposal. Read also: Kyiv Zoo showed how lemur Bayraktar and other “cubs of war” grew up. PHOTO 9 lemurs live on the monkey island. For the lemurs, four hemp ropes were stretched, three wooden platforms were installed, as well as a mushroom shelter from the sun and rain. The team was replenished with young Bayraktar and Javelina, as well as two rescued lemurs. The animals started their exit to the summer enclosure with a festive breakfast, the zoo adds. Lemurs started the morning with a celebratory breakfast. Here are some more photos of lemurs: “Monkey Island” for animals was doubled. What do you think surprised the lemur? Read also: In the Kyiv Zoo, animals were shown after wintering. PHOTO Lemurs have a place to climb Look at these jumpers! This is a lemur pose! All photos: Kyiv Zoo As a reminder, a family of 6 zoo capuchins recently returned to the green island. 6 capuchins also enjoy life on the island 26-year-old Persimmon, together with his girlfriends Nyube, Silk, Eldorado, Chuchka and Zhuchka, is also enjoying the summer on the island. Persimmon lives in the zoo together with her friends Nyube, Silk, Eldorado, Chuchka and Zhuchka. Lily, a 7-year-old hippopotamus, also returned from the “winter vacation”. Now she swims in a pond on the territory of the summer enclosure, where a beach has been arranged for her. Lily the hippopotamus takes a bath on the beach. Previously, the capital zoo showed other pets – a couple of capybaras, lions, an elephant, a tiger, birds, ungulates and other animals on Instagram. By the way, the luxurious capybaras Tornado and Julio had a baby in the winter, they told the Kyiv Zoo. The handsome elephant Horace lives in the Kyiv Zoo. And here is a tiger posing for a photo. There are also goats and lions in the menagerie! Read also: Newly created pairs of animals were shown in the capital zoo. PHOTO

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