“You dig deeper – you live longer”: a National Guard officer told how the infantry survives in the battles near Kreminna. VIDEO

“You dig deeper – you live longer”: a National Guard officer told how the infantry survives in the battles near Kreminna.  VIDEO

A National Guard officer with the call sign Bur shared his experience of how the infantry survives in the extremely difficult conditions of the war near Kreminna. The military spoke about how not to die after a chemical and artillery attack, as well as about the destruction of the Russian Proryv tank. “If he didn’t dig in – he was killed, in the dugouts – he was killed, if he fell asleep – he was killed, if he missed something – he was killed,” emphasizes National Guardsman Bur. went into the forest and started digging trenches. The fighting was very brutal. Mortar and tank shelling continued. According to the National Guardsman, the occupiers also used chemical weapons: poison gas was dropped on Ukrainian infantrymen from drones. “They have drones with thermal imaging cameras, so they see a crowd of people and try to throw gas canisters at them. The damage zone is up to 50 meters. Then it eats out the eyes and burns the throat,” the fighter recalls. To protect themselves, the National Guardsmen wore gas masks, but it is inconvenient to shoot with them. Opponents used this. Boor claims that if you leave the dugout during such shelling, it is certain death. National Guard Bir. Screenshot: Eastern operational-territorial unit of NGU He adds that the Russians even fired from UR-77 (Russian mine-clearance combat unit), which the occupiers call the “Horynych Snake”. “Three of these flew to my positions. One blew up, however, it did a lot of damage. This is a system for clearing minefields. The BMP, on the chassis of which this system is very maneuverable: it drove up, fired and left. It was almost impossible to catch that moment of shelling maybe,” said the soldier. Boor recalls that they had positions where the enemy attacked up to 7 times. They shot back at the occupiers with heavy machine guns. The National Guardsman also said that the Ukrainians destroyed the Russian “Breakthrough” tank. The car blew up on a mine and was shot with a mortar. Bur noted that deep trenches are very important in the work of the infantry. “The deeper you dig, the longer you live. Mines, drones fly from above, so you can only hide in this way,” the officer noted. Despite the occupier’s considerable weaponry and dishonest fighting methods, Boor emphasizes that no one will break through the infantry. “Our guys are like animals, their eyes bleed when they see the enemy,” he adds. We will remind you that the National Guard told the story of an athlete, a candidate for master of sports, who went to the front. Read also: They gave a minute to eat: the story of the capture of the border guard Oleksandr

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