10 discrediting protocols were drawn up against the activist from the Leno Oblast

10 discrediting protocols were drawn up against the activist from the Leno Oblast

Since December 18, 2023, 14 administrative protocols have been drawn up against 74-year-old Aleksandr Pravdin, an activist from the Leningrad region, 10 of them under the article of discrediting the Russian army. The editors of Sever.Realii drew attention to the information on the site of the Gatchyna court of the region.

In total, there is information on the court’s website about 19 administrative cases against Pravdin. The first of them was considered back in August 2022. Then the activist was accused of inciting hatred or enmity because of a poster with a map of Russia and other countries adjacent to it. The case was dismissed due to the absence of an offense.

Then, from October to December 2023, the court received four more protocols against Pravdin: three – about discrediting the army and one – about petty hooliganism. All cases of discrediting were initiated because of Pravdin’s anti-war posts and photos. All protocols were returned to the police to eliminate deficiencies.

Another protocol on discrediting was drawn up on December 18, and its consideration was postponed to February 5.

In two days – January 25 and 26 – 13 more protocols were drawn up against Pravdin, 3 of which were for petty hooliganism, the remaining 10 were for discrediting. They will be reviewed by one judge – Vladimir Porokhnev. Dates of the meeting have not yet been set.

  • Alexander Pravdin is a well-known opposition activist in Siversk. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he has been actively speaking out against hostilities, holding pickets and performances.
  • On November 8, 2023, Pravdin was hospitalized after being detained. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs brought him to the 106th police department of the Gatchyna district to draw up a report that he allegedly disobeyed the request of a representative of the authorities. On November 17, the activist was detained again for allegedly using obscene language on the street.

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