A criminal case has been initiated against the conductor who threw the cat out of the train

A criminal case has been initiated against the conductor who threw the cat out of the train

A criminal case has been opened against the conductor of the Russian Railways who threw the cat Twiks from the train under the article on cruelty to animals. This was reported by the sources of the Russian state agency RIA Novosti.

The day before, the Russian Railways reported that after widespread public outcry, the conductor was removed from her job.

On Wednesday, it also became known that the holding “Russian Railways” made changes to the rules for the transportation of animals in order to prevent the recurrence of such situations.

According to the new rules of transportation, Russian Railways employees no longer have the right to disembark animals found in carriages. They will first have to try to find the owners. If this does not work, the animal must be handed over to the employees of the nearest railway station. They must also look for the owner, and if he is not found, hand the animal over to the shelter. This was reported by the head of the Federal Passenger Company, Vladimir Pyastolov, during a round table in the State Duma devoted to the rules for transporting pets by public transport.

  • On January 11, on a train traveling on the Yekaterinburg-St. Petersburg route, the conductor found a walking cat in the carriage. She decided that a stray cat got into the carriage and threw him out of the train, despite the frost. Later it turned out that a domestic cat named Twix was traveling with the owner, but got out of the carrier while the owner was sleeping. According to the conductor, she tried to find the owner of the animal in the carriage, but could not.
  • The owner announced a reward for the return of the cat. Hundreds of volunteers were looking for him. The cat was found dead.
  • The story of Twiks caused a wide resonance in social networks. Thousands of users demanded that the conductor be held accountable. More than 380 thousand people signed the petition demanding her dismissal. The management of Russian Railways apologized to the owner of the animal and promised to conduct an official investigation.

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