A Russian private plane flying to Moscow crashed in Afghanistan

A Russian private plane flying to Moscow crashed in Afghanistan

A passenger plane headed from Thailand to Moscow allegedly crashed in Afghanistan. He stopped communicating and disappeared from the radar on Saturday evening. At night, residents of the Afghan province of Badakhshan heard the sounds of the crash and informed the police.

Rosaviatsia reported that it was a Falcon 10 aircraft registered in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the Russian Federation. It is owned by Atletyk Group LLC and a private individual. Six people were supposed to be on board the plane: four crew members and two passengers. At least two of them are Russian citizens, TASS reports.

The plane was performing a charter medical flight. His route was declared as Gaya (India) — Tashkent (Uzbekistan) — Zhukovsky (Russia). Rosaviatsia clarified that the original place of departure of the plane was Utapao airport in Thailand.

The representative of the information department of Badakhshan, Zabiullah Amiri, confirmed that search teams have been sent to the place of the alleged crash. Until the plane is found, the fate of its crew and passengers is unknown. The possible crash site is deep in the mountains on the border with Tajikistan. The Russian aviation agency is in contact with the aviation authorities of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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