A volunteer who helped save people from “Crocus” died in the hospital

A volunteer who helped save people from “Crocus” died in the hospital

Karen Engibaryan, a volunteer who helped rescue victims of a terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall, died in a Moscow hospital on Friday. The Union of Armenians of Russia reported his death. Engibaryan was not far from the concert hall at the time of the attack, saw smoke and decided to come to the rescue.

He helped people get out of the burning building all night and handed them over to the ambulance doctors. In the process, he himself inhaled smoke and carbon monoxide. He gave his outerwear to one of the victims. The next day, he himself was taken to the hospital with poisoning by combustion products and hypothermia. Subsequently, his condition worsened, doctors were unable to save him. Karen Engibaryan was 35 years old.

During the terrorist attack, many employees of the entertainment complex and other civilians helped the victims. Schoolboys Islam Khalilov and Artyom Donskov, who worked as wardrobe attendants at Crocus City Hall, after the shooting and fire started, opened the emergency doors and took out more than 100 visitors, remaining inside until the last spectators were safe. The head of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Russia awarded Khalilov with the Muslim Medal “For Merit”, Donskov will receive the same award in the near future.

Survivors of the terrorist attack reported that other visitors helped them evacuate, carrying in their arms those who had difficulty moving.

  • In the evening of March 22, several people in camouflage uniforms opened fire in the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall near Moscow, then there was an explosion and a fire. According to the latest official data, 144 people died as a result of the terrorist attack, and another 382 were injured. Telegram channel “Baza” also reports on 95 missing persons.

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