Bihus.Info found relatives and partners of the former head of “Kyiv Metro” Braginskyi in tenders for hundreds of millions

Bihus.Info found relatives and partners of the former head of “Kyiv Metro” Braginskyi in tenders for hundreds of millions

The municipal enterprise “Kyivskyi metropoliten” signed contracts worth hundreds of millions of hryvnias with companies connected to people from the entourage of the former director of the capital’s metro, Victor Braginskyi.

About this it is said in de-icing Bihus.Info.

It is noted that Svitlana Ilyina, who is an accountant for the sister of the ex-head of “Kyiv Metro” and previously held a relevant position in Braginsky’s company as a general manager, won tenders for the supply of overalls for utility workers worth UAH 17 million.

In addition, 99 Prodakshin LLC, the owner of which is Braginsky’s longtime business partner Kyrylo Kryvets, and the director for a time was the cousin of the former head of the utility enterprise, Hanna Fenin, also participated in the relevant tenders. In total, LLC “99 Production” received UAH 18 million from the supply of clothes to employees of “Kyiv Metro”.

As Bihus.Info journalists found out, at the beginning of 2022, Kryvets indirectly through “99 productions” became the main beneficiary of Energodarbudmechanizatsia LLC, which since 2017 concluded direct contracts with “Kyiv Metro”. So, for example, “Energodarbudmechanization” received a contract in 2021 as a subcontractor for more than UAH 270 million for the construction of new metro stations.

Instead, “Kyiv Metropoliten” noted that the company used only UAH 74 million. Already in 2022 and 2023, the company “Energodarbudmechanization” received new contracts for more than UAH 82 million. According to Bihus Info, Braginsky’s partner also received over UAH 37 million for repairs on the “red” branch of the Kyiv metro.

Another contractor of “Kyiv Metro” since 2017 is “KB Teploenergoavtomatika” LLC. The company similarly acted as a subcontractor to “Energodarbudmehanizatsia”. In 2019, “KB “Teploenergoavtomatika” received from “Kyiv Metro” more than UAH 360 million for subcontract construction works of the “green” metro line to Vynogradar.

In 2020, “Teploenergoavtomatika” got a new owner, Tetiana Beletska, and Oleksandr Stetsenko became the new director of the company. Beletska is a former ballerina, and now a teacher at the Kyiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine named after T. G. Shevchenko.

The investigation claims that Beletska is the mother-in-law of Kryvets, and Stetsenko is the co-manager of the joint business of Kryvets and Braginsky.

It is added that at the end of 2022, “Kyiv Metropoliten” paid the company “Teploenergoavtomatika” about half a billion UAH for the capital repair of the tunnels of the “red” branch of the metro. And during 2023, Beletska’s company received another half a billion UAH.

In general, “Teploenergoavtomatika” received state funds within the framework of the contract in the amount of more than UAH 1.5 billion, which the utility company made non-public.

In response to the second investigation into Braginsky, the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko urged Bihus.Info editors to send all collected materials to law enforcement agencies:

“I am asking Bihus info journalists to pass information on the facts disclosed in the investigation regarding Braginsky to the law enforcement and anti-corruption authorities. And I am appealing to the law enforcement officers regarding the prompt and open to the public investigation of Bihus Info information,” said the mayor of Kyiv.

Immediately after that, on the official Bihus.Info Telegram channel, journalists noted that lawyers are preparing materials to hand over to law enforcement officers:

“Of course, the lawyers of Bihus.Info are already preparing all the collected evidence for handing over to the law enforcement officers. And we really hope for a quick reaction,” the publication noted.

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We will remind:

The head of the utility company “Kyiv Metropoliten” Viktor Braginskyi on March 15 after an investigation by journalists wrote application for dismissal.

In its investigation, Bihus.Info exposed numerous violations in the declaration of Braginsky’s property. In particular, journalists found in the declarations of the relatives of the director of the Kyiv metro, several expensive apartments and land near Kyiv.

Kyiv leader Vitaliy Klitschko after the investigation was made public reportedthat the head of the Kyiv metro, Viktor Braginskyi, who has been in the position for almost 10 years, will be fired.

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