Borys Firsov, the founder of the university, died in St. Petersburg

Borys Firsov, the founder of the university, died in St. Petersburg

Sociologist, founder and first rector of the European University (EU) in St. Petersburg, Boris Firsov, died at the age of 94. This was announced on Thursday, January 18, by Boris Vyshnevsky, a member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, in his Telegram channel.

Firsov founded the European University in 1994. He managed the university until 2003, then became its honorary rector. This was reported by the publication “Fontanka”.

B. M. Firsov – Soviet and Russian sociologist, doctor of philosophy (1979), honorary doctor of the University of Helsinki, laureate of the International Leontiev Medal (2006), noted on the website of the European University. He is the author of more than 200 scientific works on the theory and methodology of modern sociology, the history of Soviet sociology, on the study of public consciousness, mass communication processes, including publications abroad in Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, the USA, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Japan) .

After its establishment, the European University received monetary grants from American and European non-profit organizations, Meduza reports. In 2016, the university was deprived of its license for educational activities for one hour after the prosecutor’s office and Rosobrnadzor conducted an inspection of the university. In the following years, the university was repeatedly inspected, in particular, by employees of Rosobrnadzor.

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