Dissident and scientist Vadim Yankov died

Dissident and scientist Vadim Yankov died


Soviet dissident, mathematician Vadim Yankov died at the age of 90. Human rights activist Alexander Cherkasov reported this on Facebook.

Yankov is a graduate of Moscow State University, worked at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, taught at the Moscow Polytechnic Institute. He was dismissed from the university in 1968 after signing the collective letter of ninety-nine mathematicians in support of his colleague and dissident Alexander Yesenin-Volpin, who was sent to forced treatment.

“The forcible placement of a talented and capable mathematician in a hospital for severe mental illness, the conditions in which he found himself due to the very nature of this hospital, seriously traumatized his psyche, harmed his health and humiliated human dignity. Based on the humane goals of our legislation, and even more , we consider this fact to be a gross violation of medical and legal norms,” ​​the appeal said.

Since the 1970s, Yankov participated in the activities of the dissident movement. He was published in the magazine “Continent”, his materials were read on the air of Radio Svoboda. He was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment and 3 years of exile for anti-Soviet agitation. He was rehabilitated in 1991. In Russia, he taught mathematical disciplines, computer science, and the history of philosophy at RSSU.


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