During the war, Kyivstar connected 3,500 settlements to 4G

During the war, Kyivstar connected 3,500 settlements to 4G

The national operator of electronic communications has increased its coverage area since February 2022 4G connection and connected another 3.5 thousand settlements.

Currently, high-speed mobile Internet from Kyivstar is available to more than 94% of the population in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Strengthening the stability of the telecom network and the development of broadband access is the main infrastructural task of Kyivstar.

Despite the war, the company continues to increase the area covered by 4G communication so that high-speed mobile Internet services are available to the majority of Ukrainians.

Thus, from February 2022 to today, the territory of radio coverage of the 4G network has increased by 3.5 thousand settlements. For this, almost 10,000 base stations were built and modernized.

Expenses of the telecom operator on development and reconstruction of telecom infrastructure over the past 17 months exceeded UAH 8.2 billion. The scale of investments in 2023 increased by 28.6% compared to 2022.

Currently, Kyivstar high-speed mobile Internet services are available for 94% of the population in the territory controlled by Ukraine, where mobile networks have been restored.

In addition, since the beginning of the war, the company has restored the telecom infrastructure in 911 settlements in Ukraine, which was destroyed due to Russian military aggression.

Kyivstar continues to build radio coverage along highways and railways. During the war, the company covered another 5.5 thousand kilometers of highways in Ukraine with high-speed mobile Internet.

Currently, 4G internet is provided 9.5 thousand kilometers of highways of regional and national importance. In the next three years, the telecom operator plans to invest 600 million US dollars in Ukraine in order to rebuild the infrastructure in the de-occupied territories and develop new communication technologies.

Kyivstar mobile services are used by 24 million subscribers, and more than 1 million subscribers use the “Home Internet” service.

Since the beginning of the war, Kyivstar has already provided charitable assistance to the Armed Forces, Ukrainians, and the state in the total amount of over UAH 1.3 billion and paid UAH 15.2 billion in taxes and fees to the state budget.

Help about Kyivstar

Kyivstar is the largest Ukrainian electronic communications operator, which as of June 2023 served 24.1 million mobile subscribers and more than 1.1 million “Home Internet” subscribers.

The company provides services using a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies, including 4G, Big Data, Cloud solutions, services for cyber protection, digital TV, etc.

Kyivstar helps subscribers, society and the country overcome the difficulties of wartime. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has allocated more than UAH 1.162 billion in aid for the humanitarian needs of the Armed Forces, society, and subscribers.

The sole shareholder of Kyivstar is the international VEON Group. The Group’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ (New York) and Euronext (Amsterdam) stock exchanges.

Kyivstar has been working in Ukraine for 25 years and is recognized as the largest taxpayer in the telecom market, the best employer and a socially responsible company.

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