“European Truth” is integrated into the UP media group

“European Truth” is integrated into the UP media group

The publications “European Truth” (EP) and “Ukrainian Pravda” (UP) have reached an agreement on closer integration, which will help the development of both publications and open the way to the implementation of fundamentally new projects.

This is reported on the EP website.

“The unification, initiated by the “European Truth” team, will end in October 2023,” the message reads.

The purpose of the integration is to consolidate the resources included in the UP media group and at the same time make the administrative processes of “European Truth” more efficient. This step is also designed to relieve EP editors from part of the administrative load, freeing time resources for the main activity – content creation.


“The majority of readers previously perceived “Ukrainian Pravda” and “European Truth” as parts of one whole. Now we are normalizing the long-term cooperation. We value the content created by our colleagues from the EP, and we believe that the merger will strengthen the media group of the UP. this unification will not harm the editorial processes and independence of “EvroPravda” in creating content,” commented the executive director of UP Andriy Boborykin on the agreement.

“Our goal is to carry out the administrative unification in such a way that it remains as inconspicuous as possible for both the audience and donors. This approach was supported by our friends and colleagues from “Ukrainian Pravda”. Hardly anyone would have noticed these changes if we hadn’t ourselves emphasized them – but it is important for us to be honest and transparent and to inform about the unification”, – said Serhiy Sydorenko, co-founder and editor of EP.

In particular, the website www.eurointegration.com.ua will continue to be filled with news and analytics in the same way as before, its subject matter will not change. The team of journalists and editors of “EvroPravda” will also not undergo changes in connection with the merger.


At the same time, the integration of EvroPravda into the processes of the UP media group will open up new opportunities. In particular, the EP will have the opportunity to hold offline events, which is especially important at the new stage of relations with the EU and NATO. In addition, the publication is currently developing existing products – preparing an update of the English-language version of the site and launching a new video studio.

The mission of “European Truth” remains unchanged: it consists in the approximation of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, providing the Ukrainian audience and stakeholders with high-quality, impartial and professional expertise. This mission is recorded in the charter of the NGO “European Truth”. It is this public organization that will continue to fill the site with content, remaining independent of any party and political influences.

“Ukrainian Pravda” is one of the oldest and most respected Ukrainian media, which from the beginning adhered to the principle of impartiality and political independence. That is why colleagues from “European Pravda” signed not only an editorial agreement with UP, but also an agreement on guarantees of non-interference with the owner of “Ukrainian Pravda”. It is important for both of our publications that the political neutrality of the “Europeans” as part of the UP media group is not subject to any doubt,” said the editor-in-chief of “Ukrainian Pravda” Sevgil Musaeva.

We remind you:

“European Truth” was created in the spring of 2014, its founders were journalists and editors Serhii Sydorenko and Yurii Panchenko. The publication was launched on June 4, 2014 and has been operating in close cooperation with “Ukrainian Pravda” since its inception.

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