How innovative tools help to achieve business results: the experience of MHP

How innovative tools help to achieve business results: the experience of MHP


Being able to use new tools and experiment helps our team develop new skills and self-realization. This, of course, is reflected in the productivity and achievement of the company’s strategic goals.

If innovative methods have already become traditional for global corporations such as Google, Microsoft or Coca Cola, they are used much less often in Ukraine. The MHP company is largely a pioneer in this direction on the Ukrainian market.

I will tell about three innovative approaches of MHP – for welfare management we adapted the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) leadership training program to our realities, to manage the personal development of employees we actively use the Hogan personnel evaluation methodology (and even translated the Hogan questionnaires into Ukrainian for all those who are interested), and for performance management we use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system on a large scale, which helps to set goals correctly.

Case 1. How to grow leaders and increase team productivity?

Decision. Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is one of the most famous leadership training programs in the world. Created by a team of global experts led by Daniel Goleman for Google and used in more than 50 countries around the world.

Who uses it? Google, American Express, LinkedIn, Ford, Deloitte, Hyatt.

But we at MHP adapted the program to Ukrainian realities and launched it in 2023. So for us, SIY provides an unchanging foundation and relevant skills: it helps employees develop resilience and leadership.

Main advantages:

  • Improving leadership skills by building trust in the team and making effective decisions.
  • Increase productivity and innovation by activating key areas of the brain associated with concentration and working memory.
  • Increasing resilience and well-being, strengthening the ability to cope with challenges and stress.
  • Reducing stress through the development of attention, self-regulation and maintaining health.

How does it work?

SIY is a unique hands-on program that combines effective Mindfulness techniques and neuroscience to develop emotional maturity and leadership skills. The program includes various exercises and techniques that help manage stress, maintain focus and make optimal decisions.

SIY consists of two days of deep experience and work in a training format, followed by 28 days of challenge to practice small steps and build skills. After implementing the program, employers and employees see increased productivity and improved mental health.

What is interesting for an employee?

The results of the SIY program at MHP show that 70% of participants use techniques to calm themselves when they feel stressed (+46% increase), 91% are able to find optimal solutions to complex problems (+19% increase) and 85% of participants on most days they find time to determine priorities (increase of the indicator +24%).

Case 2. How to evaluate the personal and professional qualities of an employee and offer better opportunities for growth?

Decision. The Hogan methodology is a scientifically proven personality analysis tool that provides a comprehensive view of a person. It allows not only to determine the employee’s potential, but also to understand his motivation, values ​​and potential risks.

Who uses it? Microsoft, Coca Cola and Dell.

In Ukraine, Hogan Assessment is successfully used by Ukroboronprom, Vodafone, Naftogaz and others. MHP implemented it in its practice more than four years ago. It was our experts who first translated the questionnaires and the Flash report into Ukrainian. So now this option is available to all who want it on the official Hogan platform.

Main advantages:

  • Helps to better select candidates for specific roles and corporate culture.
  • Influences the development of personnel by defining areas of development and providing targeted programs and tools.
  • Knowing the personal characteristics of employees makes it possible to form balanced teams for effective cooperation.
  • For employees, it is a tool for personal development, self-observation and career planning.

How does it work?

The Hogan questionnaire contains more than 600 questions that are interrelated and reflect an accurate personality profile. After the test, an individual feedback session is held, where the respondent can identify aspects that need to be improved and developed.

The system includes three main assessments: Personal Potential (HPI), Development Zones (HDS), and Motives, Values, and Preferences (MVPI). For example, the MVPI measures a person’s key values ​​and motivations, helping to understand what motivates a person to work and what conditions are most suitable for them. Hogan is especially useful for recruiting, allows you to better understand the candidate and his capabilities before hiring.

What is interesting for an employee?

  • For personal development. Assessment helps employees understand what motivates them and what reputation they are building in their environment. By aligning this with their goals and aspirations, people can determine how, when and where they will be most effective.
  • For self-observation. A person receives valuable information about his personality, strengths and weaknesses, which provides an opportunity to improve behavioral strategies and build relationships in a new way.
  • For career planning. By knowing more deeply about their personalities, employees can choose roles and organizations that match their values ​​and leverage their strengths, leading to greater job satisfaction and career success.

Case 3. How does a business define goals and measure results?

Decision. The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system is a methodology that helps set goals both for the company as a whole and for an individual employee.

Who uses it? The methodology was created at Intel and is currently popular at Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

OKR is not yet widespread in Ukraine, so MHP can be considered one of the pioneers. We implemented the OKR methodology back in 2020 and have already completed three full cycles of goal setting and OKR monitoring, and will continue to do so in 2024.

Main advantages:

  • Prioritization, focusing efforts and resources on what really matters.
  • Communication transparency and team synchronization.
  • Increasing the level of employee engagement.
  • Aligning priorities and actions between teams or employees thanks to cross-functional OKRs.

How does it work?

We define the goal as an answer to the question: “What do I want to achieve?”. This is the desired result of the work of the company, team or employee.

Key results are the answer to the question: “How will I measure the progress of achieving the goal?”. These are specific metrics that reflect the stages on the way to achieving a goal that can be measured and verified in practice.

Key results should reflect completed action, not activities or processes. That is, instead of “preparing a report” we indicate “publish a non-financial report by January 1”.

In our company, OKRs are set at the level of all managers – from top managers to middle managers. Every top manager has at least one cross-functional goal, but the key results reflect everyone’s contribution.

We set goals for a year and regularly monitor progress, while every 6 months – with the involvement of business partners. Based on OKR results, everyone receives an annual bonus, depending on the position.

What is interesting for an employee?

Develops the ability to set clear goals, to answer the question “Why?” and “How will I know that the task has been completed successfully?”. These are key skills for both personal development and business success.

It is important to remember that when implementing any new tool or approach, communication and adaptation to the company’s culture are key.

International methodologies and systems are not a magic wand. This is a path that can be accompanied by misunderstandings, mistakes and difficulties.

However, it is also an opportunity for creativity, experimentation and personal growth, which allows you to acquire new skills and valuable experience.


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