How to get your own “Iron Dome” for cars

How to get your own “Iron Dome” for cars

Military risks, unfortunately, do not lose their relevance on the territory of Ukraine. Cars are very often damaged, causing significant financial losses to the owners.

Is there car insurance against war risks?

Car insurance against war risks exists. The ARX company has created a special “Iron Dome” CASCO program from ARX. The insurance will cover damage to the car from missiles, drones and ammunition, building debris.

The uniqueness of the program is that even the complete death of the car is covered, such an offer is an exception on the Ukrainian market.

Terms of CASCO “Iron Dome” program from ARX:

  • Cars up to 15 years old, worth up to UAH 5,000,000, are insured;
  • Covers damage or total loss of vehicles as a result of the direct or indirect impact of any types of missiles and UAVs on the conditionally safe territory of Ukraine (determined according to the list of the Ministry of Reintegration in force on the date of the occurrence of the event);
  • If the drone/missile hits a building and the drone/building debris damages the car, this is also covered under this product.

Franchise and insurance tariff

  • The deductible is only 10% of the sum insured;
  • Various insurance terms are offered – 3 months, 6 months or 1 year;
  • The insurance rate (at the client’s choice) depends on the insurance period: 3 months – 1%, 6 months – 1.5%, 1 year – 2%;
  • One-time payment upon conclusion of the contract.

How to buy “Iron Dome”

Buy CASCO “Iron Dome” it is possible separately, even without the main CASCO in ARX or another insurance company. This is a completely autonomous product.

Car inspection (with photography and video recording) can be done without a visit to the office – online, through the MyARX mobile application

MyARX is useful because you can store all your insurance contracts there, as well as your family’s contracts. In the application it is convenient to communicate with the company, buy new contracts, follow the progress of your business, and all this works even offline.

The application can be easily downloaded on iPhone and Android and have all the insurance in your smartphone.

ARX ​​is a reliable insurance company with a 28-year history, paying more than UAH 5 million in insurance claims to clients every day. Buy your own “Iron Dome”, avoiding unnecessary financial costs!

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