HSE students were warned about their responsibility for feminism

HSE students were warned about their responsibility for feminism

The administration of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg has warned the leaders of student organizations that the use of femininity will be equated to participation in the “international LGBT movement”, recognized by the Russian authorities as “extremist”. “Groza” magazine writes about this.

A post in one of the student groups on social networks was the reason for the warning on behalf of the head of the department for extracurricular and educational work of HSE Alexander Ugryumov, the publication says. The word “curator” was used in the publication.

Ugryumov also wrote in one of the university’s internal groups that such posts “may cause reputational damage to HSE University”, and called on students to “monitor changes in the law”, emphasizing that “ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility”.

It is noted that the post with the word “curator”, which was dedicated to the annual student talent competition “Mister and Miss”, has now been deleted.

  • In November of last year, the Supreme Court of Russia satisfied the lawsuit of the Ministry of Justice, banned the non-existent international LGBT movement and declared it extremist. The lawsuit was considered without a defendant and in closed session, only a representative of the Ministry of Justice participated in the meeting. Before that, the Russian authorities adopted a number of repressive laws against LGBT people, including a complete ban on so-called LGBT propaganda and a de facto ban on transgender transition and changing the gender marker in documents.
  • In January, mass media published the decision of the Supreme Court on this case. The text, in particular, states that the use of feminine adjectives is a sign of participation in the “LGBT movement”.

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