Hungarian farmers staged a protest near the border with Ukraine

Hungarian farmers staged a protest near the border with Ukraine

On February 9, Hungarian farmers staged a protest near the “Zachon” checkpoint on the border with Ukraine, protesting the European Commission’s decision to extend duty-free imports of Ukrainian products for another year.

This is reported by the Hungarian business publication Világgazdaság, as “European Truth” writes.

Tractors and various types of agricultural machinery stretched for hundreds of meters near the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

The demonstration was organized by the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Unions and Farmers’ Cooperatives and the National Chamber of Agriculture, which consider the European Commission’s decision unacceptable.

Hungarian farmers insist that products coming from outside the European Union should be subject to the same rules as EU farmers and that Brussels should protect the interests of its own farmers “rather than trying to destroy the European countryside with its measures”.

Protesters also say that Ukraine is exporting GMO products, and they oppose it. They are convinced that “Ukraine can destroy European agriculture” and many producers and processors of food products in the EU can go bankrupt due to the arrival of Ukrainian goods.

At the same time, Andrii Demchenko, the spokesman of the State Border Service, in a comment to “Ukrainian Pravda” said that the Hungarian side had provided them with information about the farmers’ action in advance.

He added that according to the Hungarian border guards, traffic for trucks will not be blocked.

“Precisely today, we noted that the intensity of the movement of freight vehicles is ensured as before intensively, no complications for the movement were recorded”, – said Demchenko.

We will remind, on Friday because of the protest actions of Polish farmers on Friday movement is difficult through the checkpoints “Medyka – Sheghini”, “Grebenne – Rava-Ruska” and “Dorogusk – Yagodin”.

Formally, the reason for the blocking was the decision of the European Commission to extend for another year the full opening of the EU market for Ukrainian products, including agricultural products.

Watch the interview with the trade representative of Ukraine, Taras Kachka about a new border blockade, a compromise with Poland and free trade with the EU

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