“Hunters” by business. Or what explains the surge in attacks by law enforcement officers on famous businessmen

“Hunters” by business.  Or what explains the surge in attacks by law enforcement officers on famous businessmen

Recently, he wrote a text about the Soviet methods of combating “dissent”, which are still used by modern Ukrainian law enforcement officers.

Rereading the comments, I noticed that many people were interested in what it means to change the rules “retroactively”?

There is a good saying: “There is no point in fighting mold! You have to fight dampness – then there will be no mold.”

Why have the facts of ignoring the Constitution, laws and even unwritten rules in relations between law enforcement officers of the economic direction (further on in the text I will allegorically call them “hunters”) become more frequent recently?

We are talking about cases against businessmen due to “painted” problems – that is, when no one was caught for a bribe, there are no victims, but, as the law enforcement officers say: “there are questions.”

In advance, I will answer the main argument of the group of active public support of “hunters” in their own language – “everyone is equal before the law.”

This is a blatant manipulation that explains selective justice.

Persecution or just punishment. What does the SBI suspect Mazepa in a 10-year-old case

For example, if a “hunter” decided to take up a case against a ten-year-old businessman, then there is an absolutely specific reason for this and it has nothing to do with “equality before the law”.

The surge of cases, when such cases were taken on a large scale recently, already indicates that the reasons have transformed into a trend.

If you look carefully at the situation, it is not difficult to find out its nature, as well as to find the source of moisture and the room with mold.

In fact, it is very primitive.

“Hunters” in the literal sense of the word feed on such processes. For them, it is an income. This was the case until 2022, and it remains so now.

The main “fodder base” for “hunters” has traditionally been the state sector. For example, tenders or state companies.

With the beginning of a full-scale war, Ukraine’s economy suffered, but foreign partners helped, whose money filled the public sector. This made it possible to keep the “fodder base” of the “hunters” in a more or less decent condition.

But at the end of last year, income from foreigners fell and the “fodder base” began to decrease significantly.

This led to a distinct change in the behavior of “hunters” – they went to Ukrainian business.

Frankly speaking, some of the “hunters” have been “grazing” among businesses for a long time. But now real heavyweights have entered this field with a unique toolkit, which was previously used in extreme cases against particularly dangerous “enemies”.

Continuing the allegory about “hunters” – it’s like hunting animals from a rotorcraft, while using a machine gun and a thermal imager.

To put it bluntly, the same methods as for state-owned companies have now begun to be applied to business. First of all, it concerns the presumption of guilt.

Instead of a full report of the State Audit Service, you will be shown some bogus examination.

Instead of opening a factual case, suspicion and a request for detention will be served immediately.

The heavyweights’ most powerful and defining tool in the hunt is serious influence over the judicial system.

In the case of suspected losses of 7 million hryvnias, the court can determine the amount of bail in the hundreds of millions of hryvnias. Moreover, the criteria for the validity of such a suspicion are reduced to the level of “well, if the prosecutor says that he is guilty, then who are we to doubt this”.

The tragedy is that with each new big hunt, the “hunter” destroys not only the victim, but everything around him.

Mindless killing will always threaten the extinction of entire species.

Translated into more understandable language, the obvious consequence of changing the rules “retroactively” will be even less willingness of the West to help us with money and even more deterioration of the economy.

What this means for Ukraine during the great war with Russia – you yourself understand very well.

If you avoid obscene language, it will not end in anything good.

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