In Odoevo, they were punished for an anti-war bulletin, and in Kerch – for eating it

In Odoevo, they were punished for an anti-war bulletin, and in Kerch – for eating it


In Russia, they continue to fine and arrest voters for actions with ballots in the presidential elections of Russia. This violates the secrecy of voting, but no one is punished for it.

At least 11 such detentions, fines or arrests are now known.

The last case was recorded in Odoevo, Tula region. The court fined the voter 30,000 rubles under the article on discrediting the army for the inscription on the ballot. It is reported that she wrote something against the name of one of the candidates and threw the ballot into a transparent ballot box.

Yesterday, March 27, it became known about the arrest for 20 days of Dmitry Beloglazov, who painted and ate a ballot during the elections in Kerch. The founder of the “Smersh” movement in the annexed Crimea claims that Beloglazov was given five days for this, and another 15 for the black and red interior of his apartment. The palette saw the symbols of the “Right Sector”.

Last week, a court in St. Petersburg sentenced a local resident to eight days in prison and a fine of 40,000 rubles for writing “No war” on a bulletin board. According to the court, in this way she spoiled state property and discredited the Russian army.

During the voting days for the presidential elections of Russia – from March 15 to 17 – eight more people were detained for inscriptions on ballots, “Syrena” calculated.

A resident of Sterlitamak was released with a warning for the phrase “Fuck you all and the war” over the candidates. In Moscow’s Ramenki, a voter was left overnight in the police department for writing “Putin the murderer”: a report was drawn up on him for disobeying the police. A resident of Kolomna was detained together with a one-and-a-half-year-old child for scribbles on a bulletin board.

In Vladikavkaz, a female voter was dragged out of the voting booth for the phrase “Vor. No war” (she still managed to lower her ego into the ballot box). A similar case happened in St. Petersburg – it was caught on video.

In Moscow’s Strogino, the police wanted to open a ballot box in order to take out a ballot with the inscription “No war”. The voter, who threw this ballot into the ballot box, was detained at the exit from the polling station. Later she was fined.

They leave inscriptions on the ballot, take it with them, and it is not even prohibited by law. Monitoring the will of voters is a criminal offense. According to the article on preventing the exercise of electoral rights, the police face up to five years in prison. But not a single such case is known yet.

  • According to the official election results, Vladimir Putin became the president of Russia for the fifth time, winning more than 87% of the votes. “Holos”, “Vazhnye istorii” and “Novaya Gazeta Evropa” calculated that millions of votes were drawn for Putin. Analysts agreed on a figure of 22 million falsified votes.


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