In Russia, harvest and sowing are under threat: fuel is not even expensive anymore

In Russia, harvest and sowing are under threat: fuel is not even expensive anymore

The fuel shortage that has developed in Russia can stop the harvesting and sowing of winter crops.

About this stated Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmytro Patrushev.

According to him, if a week ago there was talk of high fuel prices, now it is not there at all.

“We have problems with availability. We will now stop harvesting and we will not weed out winter crops. It will be a disaster,” Patrushev warned.

According to him, work with oil refineries is carried out manually in each region. We have to look for fuel for agricultural enterprises, because the problem needs to be solved “emergency”.

“The problem with fuel is glaring, everyone must deal with it,” Patrushev concluded.

We remind you:

The Russian gasoline market continues to rewrite price maxima in the background growing shortage of fuel, which covered the southern regions. This was reported by Reuters on Monday, September 4.

On September 4, at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange, the price of “Premium-95” gasoline exceeded 75,000 rubles per ton for the first time in history.

Setting records for 10 consecutive trading days, AI-95 is up 21% since the beginning of the summer and 74% since the beginning of the year. The price increase for “Regular-92” was 21% and 76%, respectively, and quotations reached 64,814 rubles per ton. On Monday, summer diesel fuel was sold on the exchange at 68,278 rubles per ton – 58% more expensive than at the beginning of the year.

At the same time, for example, in the entire Samara region, they do not sell diesel from oil depots and retail, and in the Rostov region, the Krasnodar region, and in Stavropol, only a few private bases “occasionally give something to small wholesale“.

“The prices are crazy,” the owner of one of the oil depots told Reuters.

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