In Russia, several people were detained at the “Way Home” actions

In Russia, several people were detained at the “Way Home” actions

Police detained several people, including journalists, at actions of the women’s movement mobilized “The Way Home” in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

In Moscow, the event was held in the Alexander Garden at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. According to the Telegram channel “Sota”, the police detained three journalists, but later released them.

After laying flowers, the wives of those mobilized went to the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Vladyslav Davankov, where they were asked to schedule a meeting, after which they could decide on whom to support in the elections and discuss the return of their husbands to their homes.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday issued a warning about liability for participation in non-coordinated actions.

Telegram channel “Ostorozhno, novosti” reported yesterday that plainclothes police officers came to the participants, who were previously filmed at the “Ways Home” actions. At the same time, among those to whom the police came, there were those who had no relation to the movement, but came to the event on their own initiative.

In addition, the police also came to journalists who worked at the actions in Moscow on February 3. They were given warnings.

In Yekaterinburg today, five activists who were laying flowers at the memorial to soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Chechnya were detained. There were no relatives of those mobilized among the detainees, writes “Vechernye Vedomosti”. The police have drawn up administrative reports on the violation of the rules of public events.

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