In Tomsk, a picket of supporters of Ksenia Fadeeva was agreed upon

In Tomsk, a picket of supporters of Ksenia Fadeeva was agreed upon

The authorities of Tomsk coordinated a picket of supporters of the former head of the local headquarters Navalny and deputy of the city duma Ksenia Fadeeva, who was sentenced to nine years in prison at the end of December on charges of organizing an extremist community. The action will take place on February 3, reports the local publication “VTomske”.

Initially, the activists planned to hold actions on Fadeeva’s birthday, February 2, but the Tomsk City Hall refused to coordinate the picket. The authorities claimed that all the sites in the city center were occupied by other events. As a result, the action will take place in a remote area of ​​the city.

The organizers of the picket say that they intend to hold actions until Ksenia Fadeeva, who, in their opinion, is illegally and unfairly convicted, is released.

Ksenia Fadeeva was found guilty under the criminal articles of organizing the activities of an extremist community using her official position and participating in a non-profit organization that encroaches on the personality and rights of citizens.

The case was heard behind closed doors, and the defense was given only four days to review the prosecution’s materials. The Tomsk politician’s support group pointed to the “expedited consideration” of Fadeeva’s case. “The court is pushing ahead, and at the same time the defense is refusing requests for questioning even of those who appeared in court! The court is annoyed that Ksenia is positively characterized by the residents of the city,” Fadeeva’s supporters noted. They also said that the judge held meetings for 12 hours a day without breaks for rest. Fadeeva did not have the opportunity to eat and rest, they called an ambulance to the courtroom.

  • In June 2021, the Moscow City Court recognized the headquarters of Alexei Navalny as an extremist organization and banned their activities in the country. Subsequently, the Investigative Committee opened a case about an extremist community against Navalny and his associates. Liliya Chanysheva, who was given 7.5 years in prison, Vadym Ostanin, who received 9 years in prison, and Navalny himself have already been sentenced.

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