Journalist Sota Vision was arrested because of a photo of Navalny’s grave

Journalist Sota Vision was arrested because of a photo of Navalny’s grave


The Nagatinsky Court of Moscow arrested SOTAvision correspondent Antonina Favorskaya for 10 days on charges of disobeying police officers after visiting the grave of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, where she took photographs. Favorskaya was detained on March 17 in a Moscow cafe. As Sibir.Realii clarifies, two of her colleagues were detained along with her. The police took the phones from Favorskaya and the other detainees, after which they took them to the Brateevo police department for “passport data verification.”

“They said that there was information that we had committed a crime, they were told about it by an anonymous source,” Anastasia Musatova, one of the detainees, told the court. One of the detainees was released immediately, I repeat after some time. The court sentenced Favorskaya to 10 days of administrative arrest.

Sota reports that the police recorded in the offense report that Favorskaya refused to present documents, grabbed employees by the clothes and tried to run away. In court, the journalist stated that she did not agree with the protocol. Her colleagues, who were detained with her, said that violence was used, on the contrary, by police officers who tried to knock the detainees to the floor.

Favorskaya stated in court that she believes that she is being persecuted for the fact that she visited the courts of Alexei Navalny for several years, wrote about him and shares his views.

  • Anastasia Favorskaya worked as a correspondent at the trials of opposition politician Alexei Navalny in Vladimir and Kovrov. A month before her death in the colony of the special regime “Polar Wolf”, she went to the Yamalo-Nenets district to film a report about the village of Harp, where the correctional institution is located. After Navalny’s funeral, Favorskaya regularly supplied the editorial office with fresh photos and videos from the politician’s grave.


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