Kubans are promised a million rubles for signing a contract for army service

Kubans are promised a million rubles for signing a contract for army service


In the Krasnodar Krai, the one-time payment to participants in the war in Ukraine was doubled – from 500,000 to one million rubles. The day before, the authorities of the Rostov region announced an increase in the payment of servicemen and volunteers who signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense to 700,000 rubles.

The head of the region, Veniamin Kondratiev, announced the new payment amount for the Kubans. Those who sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense from April 1 will receive this money. He did not specify from which sources the expenses would be financed. The governor noted that, in addition to the monetary payment, there are more than 30 support measures for the families of the participants in the invasion of Ukraine in the region.

This is the third increase since the beginning of the year in the one-time payment to the participants of the war in Ukraine on the Kuban – on February 2, the amount of the payment was increased from 200 to 300 thousand rubles, then it was announced that the funds would be allocated from the reserve fund of the region, and ten days later – up to 500 thousand rubles.

According to the publication “7×7”, previously the maximum regional payment was established in the Leningrad region – 905 thousand rubles.

In addition to regional payments, those who draw up a contract with the Ministry of Defense receive federal payments.

Data on the planned indicators of recruitment of contractors and volunteers to participate in the war in the regions and their implementation in Russia are not published.

  • On February 15, Krasnoyarsk city council deputy Vyacheslav Dyukov from “Edynoi Rossii” stated that “mostly alcoholics, homeless people, bullies, convicts and so on have become contract workers in our country in the last hour”. At the same meeting, the head of one of the intra-city districts complained that the authorities “do not count” recruited prisoners. In September, the deputy chairman of the government of the Penza region, Vladimir Shchekin, reported that the plan to recruit contractors in the region was only half completed.
  • On February 7, the head of the region, Andrey Bocharov, announced an increase in the payment of the Volgograd region from 100 to 300,000 rubles. In Adygea, since the beginning of the year, the regional payment was increased twice – from 200 to 300, and then to 500 thousand rubles.
  • The so-called partial mobilization was announced in Russia in September 2022, during which, according to official data, 300 thousand people were drafted into the army. In the last hour, people were actively recruited into the Russian army for contract service, and the recruitment of prisoners continued. As a result, according to official data, more than 300 thousand people joined the army.
  • On April 3, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that since the beginning of this year, more than 100,000 people have entered military service under contract.


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