Last year, the state spent half a billion on the salaries of top bank managers

Last year, the state spent half a billion on the salaries of top bank managers


In 2022, nearly half a billion hryvnias were spent on salaries for supervisory boards and board members of state banks.

This is stated in articles EP.

According to the reports of state banks, 68 members of the boards and supervisory boards of these financial institutions in 2022 received 477 million hryvnias in salaries, bonuses and other rewards.

Most of the specified amount, UAH 301.1 million, was made up of the salaries of bank board members. The rest, UAH 176.3 million, was received by members of the supervisory boards.

Privatbank paid the most to top managers. During the year, expenses of the largest state bank for the board amounted to UAH 116.8 million, for the supervisory board – UAH 80.9 million. In total – more than UAH 197.7 million.

In 2022, loss-making Ukreximbank paid board members almost UAH 78 million. In addition to the basic salary, this amount includes UAH 34 million in bonuses and UAH 12.8 million in “other cash payments.” As explained in the bank’s report, the members of the board transferred the entire amount of the bonus received in February 2022 to a special account of the NBU to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukreximbank spent a total of UAH 42.5 million on the supervisory board. The report notes that the entire March reward was also transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Oschadbank, the country’s second-largest financial institution, spent UAH 49.1 million on salaries for board members. These payments included salary, compensation and insurance premiums. In 2022, the bank allocated UAH 46.2 million for remuneration and compensation for the supervisory board.

Ukrgasbank spent the least on its top managers – UAH 64 million. From this amount, the members of the board received UAH 57.3 million for salaries, compensation for expenses for the period of martial law, and additional benefits (especially from the trade union). Another 6.7 million UAH went to members of the supervisory board.

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