Lev Shlosberg was fined under the “foreign agency” article twice in a day

Lev Shlosberg was fined under the “foreign agency” article twice in a day

Politician Lev Shlosberg was fined twice on Monday under the article “violation of the order of activity of a foreign agent”. Messages about the fines appeared in the Telegram channel of the United Press Service of the Courts of the Pskov Region with a difference of several hours. Both fines are for the same amount — 30,000 rubles. It is not specified exactly what violations the politician committed.

Previously, Shlosberg was repeatedly fined both for this article and for the so-called discrediting of the Russian army. According to the article about “discrediting”, his wife Zhanna was fined along with him.

Also on Monday, it became known about the initiation of a criminal case against the Pskov journalist Denys Kamalagin, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Pskovskaya guberniya”, which was previously headed by Shlosberg. Kamalagin is also being prosecuted for maliciously failing to fulfill the duties of a “foreign agent”.

  • Lev Shlosberg is a Russian politician and human rights activist, a former deputy of the Pskov Regional Assembly from the Yabloko party. He speaks out against the war in Ukraine and political repression in Russia. In June 2023, he was included in the list of so-called foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice.

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