Male L’Etoile salespeople are advised not to wear makeup

Male L’Etoile salespeople are advised not to wear makeup

Directors of the Russian chain of cosmetics and perfumery stores “L’Etoile” are recommended to closely monitor the appearance of male consultants, as they may be held liable under the article on LGBT propaganda.

Political scientist Ekaterina Shulman published the corresponding letter from the legal department of Alcor and Co., which owns the L’Etoile network.

“Taking into account the current state policy” and “in order to minimize risks, we recommend that male make-up artists/consultants use a minimum amount of cosmetics during working hours and more natural colors in their make-up, without attracting excessive attention from clients,” the document states in particular.

The “L’Etoile” chain of stores did not comment on the veracity of the information published by Shulman. At the same time, it is known that at the beginning of February, the employees of “L’Etoile” were instructed to paint rainbow manes of unicorns on the products of the Unicorn Approve brand.

  • In November of last year, the Supreme Court of Russia satisfied the lawsuit of the Ministry of Justice, banned the non-existent international LGBT movement and declared it extremist. The signs of participation in the movement, according to the text of the court decision, may include the colors of the rainbow and the use of feminine adjectives. Before that, the Russian authorities adopted a number of repressive laws against LGBT people, including a complete ban on so-called LGBT propaganda and a de facto ban on transgender transition and changing the gender marker in documents.

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