Money to win

Money to win

An idea whose time has come

“The time has come to make non-standard, innovative, creative decisions. If you, as a business, want to join the victory of the country, help people to survive, you need to look for a business model that will unite everyone, “ignite” and work for victory”, – yes Andrii Nemyrovskyi, a businessman who created the largest humanitarian hub in Lviv, takes care of displaced persons, rebuilds schools, medical facilities and houses in the de-occupied zones, began his conversation.

KBut last year we at the “CVZ” Foundation saw a catastrophic drop in international aid, donations, and volunteer aid – we decided not to give up.

We nurtured the idea for almost a year charity project “Milanka”. To create the brand concept, we engaged Yuri Hladky’s marketing agency – Grape, which gave the name to this project.

And the very idea of ​​producing paper products was invented by Nataliya Shelestak, a member of the board of “CVZ”. At the same time, the “CVZ” team worked out the project’s business model in partnership with international auditors and foundations, which provided advice on whether the charitable Foundation can launch commercial projects. And we were able to find an understanding by giving maximum openness to its development.

The head of the “TsVZ” Foundation Andriy Nemyrovskyi demonstrates the first products of the “Milanka” TM project (2024, Lviv, Ukraine)

“Milanka” is a special project, it is about how to involve every Ukrainian to victory.

Each of us can be a link of unity and help: some of us can buy household goods under the Milanka brand, and some can help in the production of these goods, some can give preferential terms for the purchase of raw materials or provide production equipment, and, for example, journalists , to talk about this idea of ​​unification. Everyone, almost everyone, can be useful!

“I am convinced,” explains Andriy Nemyrovsky, “that in times of war, the consumer should give preference to exactly those goods and brands on the shelves that are engaged in charity.”

Since this project of the Fund is a kind of know-how for Ukraine, we will try to talk about its development as publicly as possible. Our every step with this project will be open, people who will join the project will understand how the price of products is formed, where raw materials are purchased, what is included in the cost price of this or that product and what is its quality.

The task of the TsVZ team is to win the trust of our consumer, who will become a link of help to those in need.

Toilet paper production line TM “Milanka” (Lviv, Ukraine)

Where to find Milanka products?

Today, the Lviv hub already produces paper products: toilet paper and napkins, parchment for baking and sleeves for baking; also foil and stretch film. All these products are presented in the “Rosetka” online store and in the “Aurora” retail chain.

Eventually, all these essential household goods will be available in all national retail chains of Ukraine. Each product package bears the inscription: “100% of earnings for charity.”

According to the estimates of the Center of the Central Bank of Ukraine, monthly earnings from sales in these two networks will amount to 1.5 million hryvnias. With the development of the project in the regions, these indicators will increase.

The head of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation clarifies: “Our volunteer hub has received a second lease of life, because the scale of humanitarian shipments that were in the first year of the full-scale war is no longer there.

What’s more, at the end of last year, we received information from our largest donor about the suspension of humanitarian cargo aid, as their activity profile is different – it is changes in civil society and the fight against corruption.

Therefore, with the start of the Milanka project, we opened other doors. After all, humanitarian needs are not decreasing. And the internally displaced persons and citizens who remain living in the de-occupied territories need work and the state needs taxes.

We plan to open another production in Kherson this year.”

For the production of products of the charity project TM “Milanka” BO Center for Volunteering and Protection” (Lviv, Ukraine)

“Milanka” is also a link

Internally displaced persons, people from Bakhmut, who have been living in shelters in Lviv for two years, which are provided by the Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe, became the first links of the “Milanka” project.

Their involvement in the project allows for faster adaptation and integration into new realities, as well as an opportunity to help rebuild their homes.

It is important to note that the Milanka project itself is a link or even a kind of glue that will come to the aid of the current projects of the Fund. How will it work?

Individual donors who remain to help Ukraine through the Central Committee Fund provide, for example, roofing materials, various mixtures, etc., but there is often a lack of funds for delivery, so in such cases, Milanka’s funds from the sale of products will be included. In this way, the Fund will be able to implement more quickly and comprehensively “Reconstruction” projectas well as expand the geography of assistance, the volumes of this assistance.

According to the same principle, the funds of “Milanka” will work for the projects of the Fund for medicine.

Andrii Nemyrovsky notes that if supermarket chains, various producers, all caring people and businesses join the project, “Milanka” will make an innovative revolutionary revolution in the issue of raising funds for charity.

The main thing is that the project is not burdensome for citizens, it does not bring additional costs to either the consumer or the business, because these products are equally needed for daily use.

In fact, this is a new opportunity for a charitable donation. If we and this brand in the future enter foreign markets, the world will join Ukraine’s victory. I believe in the prospects of the Milanka project, in its great mission for Ukraine.

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