Omych, who was convicted of an anti-war action, was tortured in a pre-trial detention center

Omych, who was convicted of an anti-war action, was tortured in a pre-trial detention center


A resident of Omsk, Anton Zhuchkov, convicted by a court in Moscow in the case of plans to set fire to a car during an anti-war rally on Pushkinskaya Square, complained to Maria Terekhova’s lawyer about the torture in SIZO-1 in Krasnoyarsk, where he was transferred after the sentence.

As it follows from excerpts from Zhuchkov’s lawyer’s interview published by “Solidarity Zone”, after his arrival at the Krasnoyarsk pre-trial detention center operatives required him to sign a cooperation agreement. The convicted person refused. For this, he was transferred to the so-called press house, where three imprisoned activists subjected him to violence.

“We went to the bathhouse, and upon returning from there they said: “Write a receipt, or we will rape you.” I refused to sign. After that, they threw me into the toilet, began to beat me on the head, neck, and back with their hands. One held my hands, the second by the legs, pulled down his pants and threatened to use a toilet brush for violence, since there was no mop,” Zhuchkov said.

Fearing for his life, he agreed to sign a receipt with the following content: “I renounce extremist convictions, and I also undertake to cooperate with the Federal Security Service of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.” Now Zhuchkov is in the Minusinsk prison, where with the help of a lawyer he wrote a statement about the crime to the Investigative Committee.

As noted by “Sybirsky Express”, there have already been reports of torture from detainees and inmates of SIZO-1 in Krasnoyarsk. So, in 2023, a teacher from Kansk was placed there, who was sentenced to two years on charges of shooting at a banner advertising contract military service. He was also beaten and threatened with rape.

  • Omsk residents Anton Zhuchkov and Vladimir Sergeev were detained on March 6, 2022 in the center of Moscow with Molotov cocktails in backpacks during an anti-war action. According to the investigation, they were going to set fire to the official car. During detention, Zhuchkov and Sergeev took capsules with methadone, trying to commit suicide. They were hospitalized with poisoning.
  • In March 2022, the FSB described the accused as “convinced supporters of radical anarchist ideology,” which aims to “forcibly change the foundations of the constitutional system” of Russia. Due to this report, the criminal case against Zhuchkov and Sergeev was reclassified from the article “attempted hooliganism” to “preparation for a terrorist attack”, and they themselves were sent to pre-trial detention center.
  • In April 2023, a court in Moscow sentenced Zhuchkov and Sergeev to 10 and 8 years in prison, respectively. They were convicted on the charge of preparing for a terrorist attack, and Zhuchkov was also convicted of the illegal production or sale of narcotics. He must spend three years in prison, and the remaining seven in a high-security colony. Sergeev will also spend three years in prison, and the remaining five years in a high-security colony.


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