On Sunday night, Russia attacked the Lviv region of Ukraine

On Sunday night, Russia attacked the Lviv region of Ukraine


The Russian army shelled the Lviv region of Ukraine on the night from Saturday to Sunday. According to the Air Force of Ukraine and Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy, the missile attack lasted more than two hours. Up to 20 rockets and several Shahed-type attack drones were sent to Lviv region, all of them were shot down by air defense forces. No damage or injuries have been reported.

About a dozen cruise missiles of the X-101/X-555/X-55 type were shot down in the sky over Kyiv, the Kyiv City Military Administration reports. There were no casualties, but the authorities are asking residents of the Ukrainian capital to use bomb shelters.

On Saturday and Sunday night, the Sumy region was subjected to artillery attacks. Explosions were also heard in Kryvyi Rih, where some houses were left without electricity.

Due to the intense shelling of the Ukrainian territory, the Polish army took off its aircraft at night. About this writes in the X social networks of the operational command of the armed forces of Poland. It assessed the actions of the Russian troops as “intense”. The planes monitored and ensured the security of Polish border regions.

  • Russian troops shell Ukraine every day. The Ministry of Defense of Russia asserts that it strikes only for military purposes. The agency does not comment on the destruction of civil infrastructure and casualties among civilians.


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