On the day of Putin’s arrival, students were forbidden to eat or order food

On the day of Putin’s arrival, students were forbidden to eat or order food

Students of the Kant Baltic Federal University (BFU) in Kaliningrad were warned that on January 25, the day of President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the city, ambulances and food delivery will not be allowed on the territory of the dormitory. A screenshot with a message for students from the VKontakte dormitory group was published in particular by the “Sirena” publication.

Students were also warned about going around all rooms at 5 o’clock in the morning, warned that if the doors were locked, they would be opened with an emergency key. “The ambulance will not be sent to the territory (everyone be healthy!”), the message also says. Among other things, it says that washing machines and bed linen will not be changed in the dormitory.

“We still have tomorrow to hold on and return to normal life,” the message says.

One of the BFU students told “Syrene” that law enforcement officers were on duty on the territory of the dormitory. It was possible to leave the dormitory, but only in the direction of the forest, and it was impossible to enter back until the end of Putin’s visit.

  • On Thursday, Putin met with BFU students – the meeting was apparently timed for Student Day, also known as Tatyana’s Day. Among other things, Putin, who ran for the presidency of Russia for the fifth term, called on students to study the works of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who lived in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad) – according to Putin, they are “very curious, it makes sense to read and understand what he said, in what he wrote and what he thought”. Putin also called on students to get married early so that they have enough time to give birth to three children – this, according to him, is necessary “to ensure the growth of the national population.”
  • Kant, among other things, is the author of the treatise “On Eternal Peace”, in which the conditions of “eternal peace” are mentioned, for example: “No secret peace treaty can be considered valid if it contains a tacit reason for a future war,” No state should forcefully interfere with the Constitution or government of another state.”
  • Putin did not fly to Kaliningrad directly, but over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea – this is how the planes connecting Kaliningrad with the main territory of Russia fly, after the EU countries closed the airspace for Russian planes in response to the invasion of Ukraine. In a conversation with students, Putin indirectly threatened “neighboring countries” (the Kaliningrad region borders Poland and Lithuania), where, according to him, Soviet and Russian monuments are being demolished. According to Putin, the demolition of monuments is “a misunderstanding of where they live, what they do and what will follow”. What exactly will follow, he did not say.

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