S7 airline reduced the number of flight crews

S7 airline reduced the number of flight crews

The S7 airline will reduce the number of flight crews in Moscow, and the staff of the capital’s office will also be cut, Kommersant reports. According to the publication, about 13% of the Moscow staff, or 7% of all company employees, will be cut.

The reason for this decision of the S7 management is the decrease in the number of flights from Moscow due to the downtime of the Airbus A320 and Airbus A321neo liners. This, in turn, is caused by Western sanctions and the impossibility of properly servicing aircraft – in particular, in Russia, they do not repair the engines installed on the listed Airbus series.

Earlier, because of these difficulties, S7 shortened its winter schedule and temporarily parked about 20% of its liners. The company has a total of one hundred passenger planes in its fleet.

A number of experts polled by “Kommersant” believe that in the near future other airlines will also begin to reduce staff due to problems with Western aircraft.

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