The American Nasdaq will help develop the IT sector of Ukraine, Kyiv hopes

The American Nasdaq will help develop the IT sector of Ukraine, Kyiv hopes

Cooperation with the operator of the world’s leading Nasdaq stock exchange will contribute to the recovery of the Ukrainian economy and the development of the high-tech sector, the US and Ukrainian governments hope.

On February 12, the government of Ukraine signed a memorandum of understanding with the operator of the technology exchange. On the same day, Nasdaq submitted a request to the US Securities and Exchange Commission to allow Ukrainian startups to list on the exchange for free. This was announced by the vice president of Nasdaq Ed Knight, who signed the memorandum from the American side. On behalf of Ukraine, the memorandum was signed by the Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyridenko.

During the signing ceremony, Knight expressed his admiration for the courage of the Ukrainian people in the fight for freedom: “All Americans share this value of the fight for freedom.” He also noted that Nasdaq manages 18 trading platforms, some of which are located in the Baltic countries, and expressed hope for active cooperation with Ukraine.

“Cooperation with Nasdaq is an opportunity to make our economy more stable, to create more equal opportunities in order to fully realize our economic potential,” she said. Julia Svyridenko.

The signing ceremony took place at the US Embassy.

The memorandum provides that Nasdaq will provide technical assistance to the government of Ukraine for the future international financial center in Ukraine, the development of capital markets in Ukraine, access of Ukrainian companies to long-term financing on international markets, and will promote the development of entrepreneurship among Ukrainians, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine reported.

The IT sector of Ukraine is developing despite the war

During the war, the high-tech industry is the driver of the Ukrainian economy, she noted at the signing ceremony Erin McKeeassistant to the USAID administrator for European affairs.

She emphasized that the field of high technologies is the largest export industry of Ukraine and mentioned that the educational services company Go-IT received more than 10 million dollars of financing from the investment company Horizon Capital.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Oksana Markarovaopening the signing ceremony, shared her hope that this event will become a locomotive for new initiatives in support of Ukrainian business and will support the high-tech sector, which “is already the basis for many Ukrainian industries.”

Ukrainian innovations are helping to confront Russia on the front lines, Markarova points out: “The ongoing Russian war has become a tragic stimulus for Ukrainian innovations. Ukrainian ingenuity not only helps us gain a technological advantage over the overwhelming army of the invader, in areas such as drones, situational assessment technologies, anti-aircraft protection, but also helps us find innovative solutions, including for improved demining, 3-D printing of bone implants, the use of UAVs and artificial intelligence in agriculture to improve yields and much more.”

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