The colonel received 6 years in prison after the explosions on the Krymsky bridge

The colonel received 6 years in prison after the explosions on the Krymsky bridge

The colonel of the Roshvardiya was sentenced to six years in prison in the case of the poor protection of the Krymsky bridge from drones. The court found Sergei Volkov guilty of exceeding his official powers, Mediazona reports.

The colonel was detained at the end of March last year. According to the investigation, the accused was armed with radars that did not allow him to successfully solve the tasks of combating drones and protecting the Crimean bridge.

RIA “Novosti” clarifies with reference to the investigators that the problem of the complexes consisted in some missing “additional unit”. The contract was concluded back in October 2020, as a result, a month after the complexes were put into operation, the Russian Guard refused to use them.

According to the lawyer, Rosgvardiya purchased the radars from the enterprise, a monopolist in this field. The defender called Volkov a householder and emphasized that he had no radio engineering education.

Volkov pleaded not guilty.

  • The first explosion on the bridge across the Kerch Strait occurred on October 8, 2022. Then, as a result of the explosion of a truck with a trailer, three spans of the road bridge collapsed, and the railway was badly damaged.
  • On July 17, 2023, a second explosion occurred on the Krymsky Bridge. One opening was destroyed, another was damaged. A married couple who went on vacation to the annexed Crimea died. Their daughter was injured.
  • Kyiv has repeatedly stated that it considers the bridge a legitimate military target, as it is used, among other things, to supply the Russian troop group. Soon after the attacks, the Ukrainian side denied its involvement in the organization of the explosions. Later, the Security Service of Ukraine reported that it was involved in the organization of the attacks.

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