The “Committee-2024” activist filed a lawsuit against Putin because of the interview with Carlson

The “Committee-2024” activist filed a lawsuit against Putin because of the interview with Carlson

Political activist Sergey Antonov appealed to the Investigative Committee with a request to initiate a criminal case against Russian President Vladimir Putin under the article on the rehabilitation of Nazism. According to Antonov, in an interview with former Fox News TV presenter Tucker Carlson, Putin justified Hitler, saying that Poland allegedly forced Nazi Germany to attack it.

In the statement, Antonov cites quotes from the president’s interview: “the Poles played tricks and forced Hitler to start the Second World War” and “why did the war start on September 1, 1939, precisely from Poland, it was intransigent, Hitler had no choice but to implement his plans, how to start a war with Poland”.

Antonov emphasizes that these statements were spread in mass media and social networks. He indicates that he sees in this the signs of a crime committed by a person “with the use of his official position and with the use of mass media”, and demands to start an investigation.

  • Sergey Antonov is the chairman of the “Committee-2024” association, which aims to “delegitimize the Putin regime.” Earlier, “Committee-2024”, in particular, appealed to the CEC with a request to deny Putin registration for the future presidential elections, pointing out numerous violations during the collection of signatures.
  • Antonov is a political technologist, a member of the “Free Udmurtia” movement. In 2022, he ran for the post of head of Udmurtia from the Russian Revival Party, but withdrew his candidacy, citing violations during the election campaign. After that, he left Russia, fearing persecution.

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