The court received the first case in Russia about a subversive society

The court received the first case in Russia about a subversive society

The criminal case about the creation of a subversive society with the involvement of minors against Yevgeny Zaichkin and Kirill Gorkov from the village of Selyatino near Moscow was submitted to the Second Western District Military Court of Moscow. This is reported by Kommersant.

This is the first case in Russia on such an article that has come to court, the publication notes. According to the newspaper, on April 12, 2023, employees of the line department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyiv Division of the Moscow Railway initiated a case of hooliganism committed by a group of persons. According to the police, unknown hooligans tried to set fire to the relay cabinets on the railway near Moscow on April 5, 6, and 11 last year.

However, after studying the recordings from the video surveillance cameras and detailing the calls in the areas where the incidents occurred, the police identified the first suspects who directly committed the arsons. In this way, it was possible to detain teenagers who said that they had carried out actions for money at the request of Kirill Gorkov. The police detained Gorkov and his cousin Evgeny Zaichkin. They were charged with hooliganism, after which, on April 13, 2023, the court sent both to pretrial detention.

During interrogations, according to the investigation, they partially admitted their guilt. Gorkov, in particular, said that he attracted minors to set fire to at least three relay cabinets.

During the investigation, he also reported about a certain recruiter from Voronezh, whom he met in a telegram. Tot, according to his words, offered to set fires on the railway for a reward. He promised up to 100,000 rubles for each destroyed relay box.

The case was transferred to the FSB, where the article “Hooliganism” was reclassified to a more serious one – the creation of a subversive community, participation in it and the involvement of a minor in a serious crime.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for April 10.

  • After the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia started regularly setting fire to the railway infrastructure. The accused were first tried for hooliganism, and then they began to bring charges of sabotage. In most cases, the investigation claims that the arsonists acted on the order of the Ukrainian special services.

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