The court rejected Navalny’s three claims to the FSIN for conditions of detention in IK-6

The court rejected Navalny’s three claims to the FSIN for conditions of detention in IK-6

The Kovrov city court rejected three lawsuits filed by Alexei Navalny due to the conditions of detention in correctional colony No. 6 in the Vladimir region. This was reported by Navalny’s Team.

Two claims related to food in the colony. In the first, Navalny complained about the reduction in time for meals in the penitentiary and the cell-type facility where politicians are regularly sent. In May, Navalny’s meal time was cut in half from half an hour to 15 minutes. Taking into account the fact that the prisoner still needs to wash his plate after himself, there are “5-7 minutes” left for food, he noted.

Navalny also complained that the administration of the colony destroys the purchased food and does not return the money for it. According to standard rules, prisoners have the right to order cooked food for money in addition to meals. However, if the convicted person is placed in a SHIZO, then food is not prepared, but the money is returned. According to Navalny, when he was in the SHIZO, the guards brought food there, showed it to him and demanded to sign an act on the destruction of the products.

Another claim was related to the absence of family visits. Navalny was twice sent to the SHIZO a few days before he was scheduled for an appointment in the colony, and as a result, they burned.

On August 7, Navalny was sent to the detention center for the 18th time.

“Even those sentenced for life have the right to meet in the colony for a year, Alexei Navalny was deprived of this right for the whole year by constant transfers to stricter conditions of detention,” – write the associates of the oppositionist.

In July, the court dismissed three other lawsuits filed by Alexei Navalny for conditions in the colony. In particular, the politician complained that force was applied to him after he refused to enter the cell of a prisoner who had problems with hygiene, as well as a convict who was constantly shouting was placed with him.

Alexey Navalny is serving a 9-year term on charges of fraud in a colony in the Vladimir Region. At the beginning of August, the Moscow City Court handed down a new sentence to him – 19 years in a special regime colony on the charge of creating an extremist community. Navalny calls his persecution political, the same opinion is held by human rights defenders and representatives of Western countries. The new sentence has not yet entered into force.

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