The EU may fine TikTok if it proves that the platform poses risks to children – media

The EU may fine TikTok if it proves that the platform poses risks to children – media

ByteDance, which owns TikTok, faces hefty fines as the European Union prepares a review under new content moderation rules over concerns about risks to minors.

About this informs Bloomberg.

The European Commission will launch an investigation into TikTok under the new Digital Services Act (DSA) in the coming weeks amid concerns that changes the company has made to comply with the new rules are not enough to protect underage users.

“The DSA gives regulators unprecedented powers to take action against big tech companies for how they treat content on their platforms. Companies face fines of up to 6% of annual sales or even a ban from operating in the EU if they repeatedly breach the rules.” , the message says.


The EU has sent several requests for information to TikTok, asking, among other things, what measures the company is taking to protect minors, especially regarding risks to mental and physical health, and how children use its services.

The publication notes that more investigations are likely to be carried out as the EU has been surveying all identified firms for more information over the past few months.

Like TikTok, the EU is also examining Meta’s Instagram to see what changes it has made to comply with the new rules and to assess and mitigate the risks its underage users face.


We will remind:

At the end of August 2023 in the European Union acquired the Digital Services Act (DSA) comes into effect, introducing new rules on content moderation, privacy and user transparency.

As a result of the attack by Hamas in Israel on the social network X (Twitter) appeared a lot of misinformation and confusion. It showed that the policy changes introduced by Musk made it unreliable during the crisis.

In October, the European Commission turned to to tech companies to remove misinformation about the war in Israel from their platforms.

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