The examination found discrimination against Russian men in Petriychuk’s play

The examination found discrimination against Russian men in Petriychuk’s play

A new examination found a “romantic image of a terrorist” and discrimination against Russian men in Svetlana Petriychuk’s play, based on which Evgenia Berkovich staged the play. “Kommersant” got acquainted with the document.

Petriychuk and Berkovich have been in pretrial detention since May 2023 in the case of justifying terrorism in the play “Finist Yasnyi Sokol” about Russian women who left for Syria to become the wives of terrorists. The first “destructive examination”, the authors of which claimed that Petrychuk and Berkovich are heroizing the ISIL terrorist group, was deemed “unscientific”.

The new examination was conducted by Svetlana Mochalova, a senior criminal expert of the Sverdlovsk region division of the FSB of Russia. The document states several times that the play “unequivocally negatively characterizes Russian men.”

In contrast to the evaluation of Russian men, the heroization of terrorists is built, writes Mochalova. In her opinion, Petriychuk and Berkovich specially created a “romantic image of a terrorist” in order to make him “interesting and attractive to girls.”

The heroine of the play Maryushka, who realizes that her Finist Yasnyi Sokol is an active member of ISIS, but still wants to leave with him, is for the potential audience “an image that should be imitated”, says Mochalova.

From all this, the expert concludes that the play and performance contain “justification of terrorist activity.” According to Mochalova, the play can form a “desire or incentive” for terrorist activity.

“The expert herself is a woman who also watched this performance, but did not do anything like that,” says Berkovich’s lawyer Ksenia Karpinskaya, who considers the expert’s conclusion “absurd.”

Judicial expert Dmitry Dubrovsky notes that Mochalova directly ignored the fact that the play is an artistic text. “Thus, it is quite possible to condemn Pushkin or Kuprin for anti-Semitism, and Dostoevsky for propagandizing the murder of old women,” he ironizes.

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