The FSB announced the arrest of the “coordinator” of the attempt on Tsarev

The FSB announced the arrest of the “coordinator” of the attempt on Tsarev

The FSB announced the detention of a resident of Yalta in the annexed Crimea, whom the Russian special service considers to be the coordinator of the attempt on the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a supporter of the invasion of Ukraine, Oleg Tsarev.

This is reported by Russian agencies with reference to the FSB. It is confirmed that the detainee, whose name has not been disclosed, gave an incriminating statement. According to the FSB, the resident of Yalta was allegedly recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine in the winter, organized surveillance of Tsarev on its behalf and “equipped a cache with means of defeat.” The perpetrator of the attempt has not yet been found.

The FSB believes that “irrefutable evidence of the involvement of the Ukrainian special services in the attempt has been obtained.” The special service also called the state of Tsarev, who was wounded as a result of the attempt, satisfactory, and it is noted that there is no threat to his life. At the same time, Tsarev’s associates previously claimed that he was in intensive care and it was unclear whether he would survive. It is still not clear what the nature of the wounded they received and what the circumstances of the attempt were.

  • Earlier it was reported that an attempt on Tsarev was made in Yalta in the annexed Crimea on the night of October 27. In Tsarev’s Telegram channel, with reference to his relatives, it was reported that he was injured on the territory of the sanatorium owned by him. Kirov in the center of Yalta. It is confirmed that he was shot. The FSB confirmed the fact of the attempt. A criminal case has been initiated under the article “Encroachment on the life of a state or public figure”.
  • The politician, who nominated his candidacy for the post of president of Ukraine in 2014, was one of the representatives of pro-Russian separatists at the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. For some time, the separatists called him the “speaker of the parliament of Novorossiya”.
  • Tsarev was sentenced in absentia by a Ukrainian court to 12 years in prison for encroaching on the country’s territorial integrity and attempting to violently overthrow the constitutional order. Several more criminal cases have been filed against him. In 2022, after the invasion, he accompanied Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, called on the authorities of Kryvyi Rih to surrender the city to the Russian army. At the same time, in recent times, Tsarev often criticized the actions of the Russian authorities and the military, expressed doubts about the possibility of achieving victory in the war.
  • Earlier, a number of pro-Russian separatists in the Moscow-occupied territories of Ukraine became victims of assassination attempts. The Russian side accuses the Ukrainian special services of them. In Kyiv, this is not directly confirmed. After the attempt on Tsarev, a number of Ukrainian mass media, citing sources, reported that it was a SBU operation. This was not officially confirmed.

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