The General of the Moscow Air Defense Forces was fined 2.5 million rubles for corruption

The General of the Moscow Air Defense Forces was fined 2.5 million rubles for corruption

The former commander of the 4th Air Defense Division Dmitry Belyatsky, who was found guilty of accepting a large bribe, was fined two and a half million rubles. “Kommersant” writes about this with reference to sources.

Thus, Bialatsky not only remained free, but also retained the title of major general and numerous awards, and now he can return to the armed forces, where experts in the field of air defense are in great demand, the publication notes.

Officially, information on the criminal case of Dmitry Belyatsky is not disclosed. According to Kommersant’s sources, the 235th Garrison Military Court considered the criminal case of the major general in a separate order, without conducting a judicial investigation. The officer previously pleaded guilty and cooperated with investigators.

In September last year, two generals of the Moscow air defense complex were arrested on suspicion of corruption. One of them – Major General Konstantin Ogiyenko – was the commander of the 1st army of special anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, responsible for the immediate defense of the city, the second – Dmitry Belyatsky – commanded the air defense division of this army. Major General was accused of allocating the lands of the Ministry of Defense in the nearby Moscow region for sale for residential development.

The prosecution claims that the generals agreed to receive a bribe of 30 million rubles, but managed to receive only half a million. Ogiyenko denies guilt. He is arrested. Beliatsky was under house arrest before the trial.

The arrest of high-ranking military officers occurred against the background of regular air attacks on Moscow.

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