The mayor of Kislovodsk ordered to replace Baryshnikov’s quote with the words “patriot”

The mayor of Kislovodsk ordered to replace Baryshnikov’s quote with the words “patriot”

The mayor of Kislovodsk, Yevgeny Moiseev, ordered to remove the quote from Mikhail Baryshnikov from the wall of the new choreography school, because, according to the official, the choreographer abandoned “his native country” and does not support the Russian president. According to the mayor, it will be replaced with a quote from a “true patriot”.

Judging by the photo published in the telegram channel of the mayor of Kislovodsk, a popular statement by Mikhail Baryshnikov appeared on one of the walls of the school: “I don’t try to dance better than others. I try to dance better than myself.”

Ballet artist, choreographer, actor Mikhail Baryshnikov fled to Canada in 1974 during a tour with the Soviet State Ballet. Then he moved to the USA and never returned to Russia.

In the summer of 2022, Baryshnikov wrote an open letter to President Vladimir Putin after the “Real Russia” website was blocked. The project was created after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 to support Ukrainian refugees and Russians forced to leave the country. In addition to Baryshnikov, the founders of the project include writer Boris Akunin and economist Sergey Guriev.

“People like us have brought more honor to the Russian world than all your inaccurate high-precision weapons. Your Russian world – the world of fear, the world that burns the textbooks of the Ukrainian language, will not exist while we are vaccinated against this plague in childhood. Our world to be – despite all your blockades. We know how to preserve the values ​​of our Russian world. And your world, if it does not wake up, will die of its fears,” the artist’s address says.

Baryshnikov was also among 128 world-renowned artists who asked Putin to release Alexei Navalny.

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