The mayor of Pechora went to war against Ukraine

The mayor of Pechora went to war against Ukraine

The mayor of Pechora Valery Serov went to war against Ukraine. The Pechora District Council approved a six-month business trip to the front with him retaining the post of the head of the municipality. State Duma deputy Oleg Mykhaylov writes about this.

Deputies from the CPRF objected to Serov’s business trip, they believe that in this way the mayor wants to avoid criminal liability in corruption cases related to municipal contracts.

“I have no information about the fact that criminal cases have been initiated against Serov specifically. However, it is known for sure that cases are being investigated against him, and searches were conducted in the administration itself. Since the issues of city management require control from his head, I do not have I doubt that Serov was aware of the abuses that took place in his administration,” Mykhailov said.

The CPRF also noted that the preparation of the city and villages of the district for winter has not yet been completed, firewood has not been delivered to many settlements, the repair of pipes has not been completed, and other problems that require action from the head of the district, which went to war.

It was previously reported that the former transport prosecutor of Vorkuta, Aleksey Abramov, went to war in Ukraine after he was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for a road accident in which a student, Stepan Sonyn, was injured. It is not known when exactly Abramov went to the front.

  • In January, Valery Serov became famous for insulting journalists from the Izvestia newspaper. He called them “prostitutes” when they came to Pechora to shoot a story about an emergency house. The Koma authorities then refused to fire and punish the official.

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