The planes sold by Rosaviatsia were used by Ukraine

The planes sold by Rosaviatsia were used by Ukraine

The FSB opened criminal cases of negligence and abuse of authority against employees of Rosaviatsia due to the illegal sale of 59 airplanes and helicopters abroad. “Izvestia” writes about this with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Transport.

According to the publication, the Moscow office of Rosaviatsia was searched on February 7. The FSB seized items and documents confirming the illegality of aircraft deregistration. The Ministry of Transport explained to “Izvestia” that the employees of Rosaviatsiya removed the boards from the State Register without a complete set of documents and provided unreliable information about the location of the vessels outside of Russia.

Eight of the vessels removed in this way were sold to countries that the Russian authorities consider “unfriendly”. Some of the boards were later used to help Ukraine. According to “Izvestia”, we are talking about Il-76 planes and Mi-8 helicopters. Three helicopters took part in the war on the side of Ukraine, and the planes flew with their transponders turned off, which allows them to hide their routes.

Bort was removed from the register from March 2022 to June 2023. At that time, Alexander Neradko was the head of Rosaviatsia for the 14th time. In September 2023, he was fired – according to the interlocutors of “Izvestia”, precisely because of the history with the sold ships. It is possible that a criminal case will be opened against him, writes the publication.

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