The State Duma adopted a budget with record military expenditures

The State Duma adopted a budget with record military expenditures

On Friday, the State Duma of Russia adopted the draft federal budget for 2024, as well as for the planning period of 2025-2026, in the third and final reading.

According to the law, state budget revenues in 2024 will amount to 35 trillion rubles, in 2025 – 33.5 trillion rubles, in 2026 – 34.1 trillion rubles.

The budget envisages record military expenditures in the modern history of Russia. As stated in the explanatory note, in 2024, 29.4% – about 10.8 trillion rubles – will be allocated to the article “national defense”.

Within the framework of this article, not only the army is financed, but also the military industry, as well as social payments to participants in hostilities. In the budget for 2023, military expenses were laid down only in the amount of 6.4 trillion rubles, that is, it is an increase of more than one and a half times. In total, military expenditures will make up about 6% of GDP – this is one of the first places in the world.

As noted by RBC, it is planned to allocate 21.1% of expenses to “Social Policy” – 7.7 trillion rubles.

By the second reading, which took place on November 15, 920 amendments were proposed, 768 of them were adopted. As a result, the estimated spending on social programs increased somewhat. In the second reading, money was also found for the indexation of the salaries of military personnel, employees of internal affairs bodies, and the criminal-executive system.

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