There are already almost 80 people and groups on the list of artists banned by the Kremlin

There are already almost 80 people and groups on the list of artists banned by the Kremlin

In early February, the staff of the Presidential Administration issued an updated list of banned musicians to promoters and producers. It already has 77 Russian artists and groups. A new list of 50 names was published by “Meduza” with reference to independent mutual sources in the music industry.

The updated (or additional) list includes visitors to the so-called naked party organized by blogger Nastya Ivleeva, artists who did not speak out about the war and performed at “patriotic” festivals, and musicians who spoke out against the war.

So, the performers Philip Kirkorov, Lolita Milyavskaya, Glukoza, Dima Bylan, Anna Asty were included in the list. At the same time, after the “naked party” Dima Bylan publicly traveled to the occupied territories of Ukraine and allocated money for an animal shelter and prostheses for military personnel.

The reasons for inclusion in the stop list are not attached to the list. It included, for example, the participants of the patriotic festival KinchevFest: “Mongol Shuudan”, “Yorsh” and “Plan Lomonosov”.

The list was also supplemented by anti-war musicians: rapper Loqiemean, Shortparis, the group “Neschastnyi slasov” and, separately, its soloist Alexey Kortnev. The list also included the singer Dead Blonde, who did not express her position.

Three names from the new list are duplicated with the list of banned artists published by “Fontanka” in July 2022 – singers Dora and Musa Totybadze, as well as the group “Unfortunate Accident”.

The full list of banned artists (both first and second):

  1. Anna Asty
  2. Dead Blonde
  3. Kedr Livanskiy
  4. Loqiemean (Roman Khudyakov)
  5. Markul
  6. Monran
  7. The Chemodan
  8. Sergey Ananich
  9. Boris Andrianov
  10. Olga Arefieva
  11. Dima Bylan
  12. Glucose
  13. Jukebox Trio
  14. Plamenev
  15. Shortparis
  16. The Matrixx
  17. Wildways
  18. Dictaphone
  19. drug DJ
  20. Yorsh
  21. Komsomolsk
  22. An accident
  23. Alexey Kortnev
  24. Mongol Shuudan
  25. Maxim Leonidov
  26. Maxim Marlowe
  27. Lolita Milyavskaya
  28. Aleksha Novich
  29. Puppies
  30. Pavel Pykovsky
  31. Polina Osetinskaya
  32. SMN
  33. Electrophoresis
  34. Maxim Tesla
  35. Maria Totybadze
  36. Lomonosov’s plan
  37. Oleg Yagodin (Kurara)
  38. Operation Plasticine
  39. Half mothers
  40. Way
  41. Market relations
  42. Slot
  43. Limon Formation
  44. Rita Dakota
  45. Albina Dzhanabaeva
  46. Dmitry Danyil (Scally Milano)
  47. Dora
  48. Dmitry Emelyanov
  49. Alexander Kazyan (OU74)
  50. Philip Kirkorov
  51. Noise MC (Alekseev Ivan)
  52. Oxymyron (Fedorov Myron)
  53. DDT
  54. Time machine
  55. Aquarium
  56. Caste
  57. B-2
  58. Zemfira (Ramazanova Zemfira)
  59. Valery Meladze
  60. Dmytro Spirin
  61. Anacondaz
  62. Louna
  63. Porn films
  64. Light foot!
  65. Bleeding
  66. Elysium
  67. 2 Masha
  68. Manizha (Sangin Manizha)
  69. Monetochka (Gyrdymova Elizaveta)
  70. Buckwheat (Ivanova Anastasia)
  71. Face (Dremin Ivan)
  72. Morgenstern (Morgenstern Alisher)
  73. IC3PEAK
  74. Little Big
  75. Vasya Oblomov (Vasyl Goncharov)
  76. Legalize (Andrey Menshikov)
  77. group “Aloe Vera”

Both sources told Medusa that the list was released directly from the Kremlin. Another source confirmed to the publication the ban on events and outdoor advertising with artists from the list. Apparently, it can also include Krystyna Orbakaite, whose concerts began to be canceled all over Russia – the “patriots” did not like the fact that she did not speak out about the war, regularly travels to the USA and does not criticize her anti-war mother, the artist Alla Pugacheva.

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